A Modern Day Fairy Tale: May 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

{16,17,18} Playing Catch Up!

Day 16: What's At The Top Of Your Bucket List?

Hmm, this is a tough question! Honestly, the top of my bucket list would probably have been married and have a family of my own. Accomplished. In high school, I would have said living in California would also have been on my bucket list...again, done! I suppose I'm pretty lucky that way!
I will say I would love to do some traveling...particularly outside of the US (though within the US, there's a few places I'd like to go as well!). Germany, Italy, Australia (because my husband speaks so highly of it!)...but at the top of my list is Ireland!! One day we will make it there! (Technically, my hubby has already been there too, but only the airport, so that doesn't really count, right?)

Day 17: What is your most proud moment?

Hmm, I truly have had many proud moments, it's hard to name one in particular! Remember in my favorite things post I said I loved conversations with Shaun? I'd say those moments are some of my most proud. When you have a child with Autism, it is those successes that might seem small to others that make all the struggles and the therapies worth it! My little man is a genius (bias perhaps, but true!), and I'm so happy to get to know a little more of what's going on inside his head, and seeing that genius brain in action. I will post a few of these examples in a few days...they deserve a post all their own!!

Day 18: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

A Modern Day Fairy Tale comes from the way my husband and I met for the first time in person. He came in looking much like a prince in his dress blues, glass slippers in hand and soon whisked me off to the ball (Marine Corps Ball that is!). That is the short version anyway! I recently posted the full story here, if you'd like to read it!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

{15} Timeline of My Day

Timeline of my day? Hmmm...well, to be honest, we're still trying to settle into the routine here with Shaun's school and all that fun stuff, so we don't have much of a routine down yet! Wake up, check e-mails and so on until Shaun wakes up...then it's busy, busy, busy until then! Nothing too exciting, just cleaning, running after him (keeping him out of cabinets, sinks and so on...it's a full day job!), getting him ready for school, lunch...honestly, I'm quite boring! The highlights of my day are doing dishes, cooking lunch/supper and changing poopy underwear! How glamorous, right?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

{13 & 14} Memories and Lottery

Day 13: What is your earliest memory?

Confession: I have the worst memory! Seriously! As I'm trying to think of what my earliest memory might have been, it seems most of them involve being sick! I have some very vague memories of preschool, but nothing specific. My first super clear memory I think is being in the hospital when I was in kindergarten for pneumonia. I think I was in there for about a week, and at the time it seemed traumatic. I remember getting an IV, the flowers/stuffed animals that were delievered, and scaring my little sister when I adjusted the bed! (After the nurses snuck her back because she was technically too young to visit!)

Day 14: If you won the lottery...

My husband would say we'd have to buy a lottery ticket before we could win! Ha! But seriously, what would we do if we won the lottery? I'm very much a saver, so I would of course like to put a large majority into savings towards our future house (assuming we weren't ready to build-out of the Marine Corps- when we won of course!) And do the practical thing of paying off anything that needed to be paid off- which for us would mean the motorcycle! I'm sure my hubby would like to splurge and do some work on it while he was at it. For me, I would probably splurge on a new wardrobe because mine desperately needs updating! (But knowing me, I'd still hit the sales racks and Plato's Closet...make the most of the winnings!) Maybe a family trip to Disney World too!! (Or Ireland, my dream vacation!) For the most part though, I would definitely be pushing to be practical with the money...getting my husband to agree to that...well, that's an entirely different topic altogether!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

{11 & 12} 15 Things and Inside My Fridge

Day 11: 15 of My Favorite Things

  1. The people in my life: family and friends. Of course, I have to start with the most important, right? I would not be who I am without the people in my life. I would list them individually, but then I'd have used up all 15 favorites!!
  2. Shaun conversations. Not long ago, they were nonexistent, so while I sometimes have to fight for them, and while our most in depth conversations are about Thomas trains and Pac Man and Mario...I treasure them. I share many of these conversations on my personal Facebook page, not because they are anything particularly ground breaking in topic, but because I am so thrilled to be having them. I'm sure this is something that all mothers who have a child with Autism or other speech delays can relate to that feeling!
  3. Thirty-One. I wouldn't sell it if I didn't love it...I'm constantly amazed at how quickly my little collection grew...I at all times have at least 2 products on me, often more than that! (Our trunk when we travel is nearly all Thirty-One!!)
  4. Dayspring/(In)Courage/Blessings Unlimited. What is not to love about anything Dayspring does? My favorite home decor, blog, etc...all rolled into one wonderful package!!
  5. Disney Channel. Or maybe just Disney in general. You can never be too old for Disney! (Or at least that's what I tell myself!!)
  6. Shabby Apple. I am lucky enough to own a few of their dresses...and they are every bit as wonderful as all the blog hype makes them out to be! LOVE them. It's hard to find cute dresses that are also modest, but these certainly are!
  7. Facebook. Well, let's be honest, who doesn't love Facebook? It is particularly wonderful when you live far from family...what a great way to keep up with friends and family no matter where they live!
  8. Scentsy. I am an addict...see Day 12 below, and you'll understand just how addicted I am!
  9. Kohls. I have never been a Kohls fan until recently, but I had $125 in gift cards, so I went in with the intention of buying a toaster, and instead found a Keurig Mini on sale for $99. Well, I couldn't resist! I bought that, and a 48 pack of k-cups for around $18, and got back $20 Kohls cash! Yesterday, we went back and bought a pool, sprinkler and Thomas lawn chair, used our Kohl's cash and spent just $14 out of pocket! Wow! I'm officially a Kohls fan now!!
  10. Getting great deals! I'm a bargain shopper, and a couponer. It's definitely a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you get a great deal on something, like the above scenario!
  11. Pretty Little Liars. Just a few short weeks...yes!!
  12. Pioneer Woman. If you've never tried any of her recipes, you don't know what you are missing! Amazing!
  13. Vintage-y things. I've mentioned that once or twice...or a million times, but it's true! Whether it be vintage inspired clothing, home decor...whatever...I LOVE it all!
  14. Taking pictures. Even though I have been slacking in the photo taking department as of late, I still love it. I think I get this from my Great Grandma...every time we'd go for a visit, she'd have the camera out! My mom was nearly as bad too! I come by it very naturally!
  15. Pinterest. I'm always on the lookout for new recipe ideas, and Pinterest is certainly great for that! Not to mention crafts and home decor...love it! So glad I finally gave into the temptation and joined!
I have many more favorite things as well, but those are at least 15 of them...in no particular order!!

Day 12: What's Inside Your Fridge?

Well, what SHOULD be in my fridge is a flashing neon sign that says, "Go shopping!" We definitely need to get a few things from the commissary! Here is what is REALLY in my fridge:

Eggs, lots of cheeses, juice, Sunny D, Mello Yello (for the hubby), milk, butter, sour cream, diet coke (for me), some produce...and remember how I said you'd understand how addicted I am to Scentsy? Yes, that container is FILLED with Scentsy bars (I've been accused of having more Scentsy in my fridge than food!) There are over 100 bars total...but to be fair, over half are retired scents...okay, okay, I have a problem!!

Some condiments...nothing to exciting there. (Though, that Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch is DELICIOUS!).

Yes, even more Scentsy! The ones to the right are all my bathroom/bedroom only scents.

And my freezer: some frozen veggies, ice cream, meats...and in case you're wondering about the teddy bear...it's actually a Thermal-Aid bear. It's like an ice pack (or heat pack), but doesn't cause that sting you get from regular ice packs...plus, what a fun thing to open the freezer to, right?

Well, that was...interesting, huh? So now you know, I keep a crazy hoard of Scentsy in my fridge and I desperately need to go shopping! I hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{9 & 10} Worst Habit & Best Feature

Day 9: What Are Your Worst Habits?

Well, I have no bad habits of course!! Just kidding, ha!
I think my hubby would say that I sometimes take forever to get to the point of my story...because I'll forget where I was going with it, get off on a tangent and then remember the original story!
I also over analyze everything and take entirely way too long to make even the smallest decisions!
I'm sure I have more, but I'm not entirely sure what they are!

Day 10: What's Your Best Physical Feature

Well, most people tell me it's my eyes. I do like my eyes, but I would say that my collarbones or back. Is that weird? Not the typical favorite physical feature at least...but I've never claimed to be typical!! Unfortunately, I don't have a great picture to show either off, but here's the most recent picture of me (after a new haircut- and my natural hair color!) You can kind of see my collarbones, but you can definitely see my eyes!

Monday, May 21, 2012

{8} In Your Handbag

Day 8: What's In Your Handbag?

This is a fun topic isn't it? In my Thirty-One skirt purse at the moment:
  • A Dayspring card from my Blessings Unlimited Director welcoming me to the team.
  • A heart token from my Blessings sponsor Alice...it says 'In God's Care: 1 Peter 5:7' ( Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.) I thought it was a perfect message for me with all my anxiety issues, and a great reminder to keep with me at all times!!
  • Map, etc from the Indianapolis Children's Museum. We got a membership a few weeks back...what a fun place!! Shaun loves it!
  • Cell Phone- yes, that's an OLD iPhone...it's my husband's hand me down which I refuse to replace until this one finally dies...which I'm not sure will ever happen!! It's made it around the world and is still kicking!
  • Thirty-One Mini Catalogs- you never know when you might need those!
  • Scentsy Love Story Hand Cream, which smells amazing!!
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Chapstick
  • Thirty-One Wristlet Wallet- which is great when I don't want to take my purse...I can't seem to bring myself to completely leave the house without my purse, but at least I don't have to carry it everywhere!!
  • Car keys (and other Thirty-One product, my Key Fob!!)
There were also several receipts, etc, but I just went ahead and tossed those out!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

{6 & 7} Senses and Hates

Day 6: Your 5 Senses Right Now

See: My computer screen of course! Plus my son, right next to me.

Taste: Maybe a little cherry lip balm...will be tasting pizza soon for lunch though!!

Feel: A little cold to be honest...I've not yet been able to get the house the perfect temperature! Not yet used to having air conditioning!!

Hear: Music from my iPhone playing on the TV...right now it's 'Speak Now' by Taylor Swift. Also, Shaun's watching cartoons on Netflix so I can hear that!

Smell: Skinny Dippin. And a little bit of Lucky in Love coming from upstairs.

Day 7: Pet Hates

I'm usually pretty patient, but there are a few little things that annoy me:

  • Being late. I usually aim to be about 10-15 minutes early to anything to avoid being late. (Of course my husband is one who doesn't mind showing up on time, no sooner! If we're late to anything, it's usually his fault!)
  • Jackets on the back of my chairs. I don't know why this bothers me (and it's only at my house), but it does. We have a hall closet, use it!
  • People touching my feet. Touch my feet and I cannot be held responsible for what happens!
  • Kids Menus that list the deserts. Which I think it all of them! The trouble with having a 4 year old who can read everything...guess which section of the menu he searches for!?
Hmm, I'm sure there are a few more, but none that I can think of off the top of my head!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

{5} 10 Songs I Love Right Now

I love music, so picking just 10 songs that I love right now is HARD! I'll try and do a little mix on songs I'm loving in the moment, as well as some all time favorites too!! I tend to like songs that have great messages behind them, so those tend to be my favorites, as you will see!!

  1. Love Is Not A Fight by Warren Barfield- The greatest, real love song!
  2. Beauty From Pain by Superchick- An all time favorite! Love this message!
  3. Drops of Jupiter by Train- Another all time favorite, which happens to be a favorite of my hubby's too...we don't often agree on music, so that's something!
  4. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) by Chris Tomlin- Simply beautiful.
  5. 2 a.m. by Alexz Johnson- One of my favorite singers, and a favorite song from her. If anyone watched Instant Star several years back, this was the 'basement song'.
  6. Friday Night by Lady Antebellum- I just love Lady A! Looking at my 'Most Played' list on my phone, you'd find several of their songs.
  7. I'm Gonna Love You Through It by Martina McBride- I've loved this song since the first time I heard it, but I love it even more now. For Christmas, my dad bought my mom this CD and had us all sign it for her. As many of you already know, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in December and so this was our song to her.
  8. To You I Belong by B*Witched- Yes, this is a very old song! For whatever reason, I randomly got it stuck in my head a few days ago and I've fallen in love with it all over again. Such a pretty song!!
  9. Marry Me by Martina McBride- I'm not sure what it is about this song, but I am in love with it!!
  10. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato- Yes, I have a lot of Disney Channel Stars on my playlist! Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff...even Alexz Johnson was on Disney! I also have the High School Musical and Lemonade Mouth soundtracks...this song is among my top picks, but if I could have more, they'd definitely make the list!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

{3 & 4} Quotes and Fears

Ooops, got a little behind there! Better late than never, right?

Day 3: Your Favorite Quote

This is a tough one, because I LOVE quotes! Many of my favorite quotes are bible verses...and if you look around my blog, you'll find several of those (like Jeremiah 29:11, there at the top!) Here are a few others I like:

“The woman is weak, but the mother is strong.” - Korean proverb

“What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.” Temple Grandin

"Even God has some autistic moments, which is why the planets spin.” Jerry Newport

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. -Rose Franken

Day 4: What are you afraid of?

I covered this a bit on Day 2...to sum it up, the answer would be A LOT!
Storms, microphones, video cameras, dogs, frogs, snakes, drowning...well, just to name a few! It's definitely one of my flaws.
At least I'm not afraid of my shadow though, right? (Though I have been known to jump at my own reflection at times!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{2} Twenty Facts

Topic for Day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge is: 20 Facts About Me!!

  1. I grew up in a very small town in Southern Indiana. We didn't even have a post office!
  2. I graduated high school in 2006, but I actually finished in 2005. I opted to finish getting my credits through alternative school the summer before my senior year due to frequent migraines that had kept me out much of my junior year as well.
  3. I moved to California in November 2006. I had just a small suitcase, intending to stay for just a few weeks, but ended up staying for over 5 years!
  4. I have a lot of phobias. One of my greatest is storms. A couple of my more unusual are microphones and video cameras.
  5. I don't eat meat (only seafood), and haven't since I was about 13 years old. I'm the only vegetarian in my family (of hunters, interestingly enough!)
  6. At 24 years old, I'm addicted to the Disney Channel. My DVR is filled with old DCOMs (new ones too), and my TV is on Disney 75% of the time.
  7. I'm a bargain shopper. I hate spending money, so I will always try to get the best deals whenever possible- yard sales, coupons, whatever it takes!
  8. I cannot tie my shoes correctly. I never could learn!!!
  9. I have 2 scars- one from a no longer pierced belly button, and another very small one from a bike crash when I was younger. We lived on a gravel road, and while going downhill, I lost control. My choices were the creek or eat rock...I ate rock!!
  10. I'm allergic to strawberries. When I was younger, I had MANY food allergies: wheat, milk...I'm not even sure the entire list but it was long...thankfully, I outgrew all the rest!
  11. I always save the blue and red m&ms for last.
  12. I have a paranoia about my house smelling bad (after hearing that you can grow used to smells and not even notice them!), which is why I'm such a huge Scentsy addict!
  13. I still have boxes left to be unpacked...I just can't seem to find the energy or want to do it!
  14. My first job was working as a sweeper at Holiday World. If you're from anywhere around the southern Indiana area, you likely know what that is, for those that don't- it's a wonderful theme park near my hometown.
  15. Horror movies don't usually scare me, but shows like CSI or Law & Order do...I CANNOT watch them at all!
  16. I collect cookbooks, vintage pyrex and aprons...among other things:)
  17. I'm having a really hard time coming up with 20 *interesting* facts about me!
  18. I'm short- just under 5 foot tall.
  19. I type with only one hand (my left), and I always have. But I'm actually a very fast typist anyway...I used to have people stand behind me and watch me type in my English classes. I never knew it was that unusual!!
  20. I am extremely happy to have reached number 20, because I was drawing a blank on what else to say about me!!! ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1!

For the last several months, I've been in a bit of a blog slump with the move and everything else going on. I have seen several bloggers I follow participating in this 31 Day Blog Challenge and I thought it was a great way to break out of the slump...plus I have gained several new readers lately and what better way for these new followers to get to know me! So, here we go- Day One: Introduction & Recent Photo.

My most recent photo:)

As I mentioned in my last post, I hate writing introductions! I never know what to write! I will keep this fairly short and link to a few previous posts that tell a bit more of our story.

My name is Randi, and I am the 24 year old wife to a wonderful Marine, Matt and mommy to a little boy, Shaun. Our family recently made a huge move from California where we had been living for over 5 years, to Indiana (my home state!) I am a work at home mommy, as an independent consultant for Thirty-One Gifts and Blessings Unlimited. But taking care of my boys is still my number one priority- I'm a little old fashioned that way! I love crafty things (though I don't pretend to be any good at it- I do try!) and love trying new recipes. I have a love of vintage things and believe I should have lived in the 50s! My blog is dedicated to everything that makes up my life as an Autism mom, Marine wife and everything in between.

Get To Know Me Better:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Military Spouse Appreciation Day!!

It's Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and what kind of MilSpouse blogger would I be if I didn't take a moment to recognize it? To all of my MilSpouse readers, past and present, thank you! Enjoy your day and know that you are appreciated.

Today, I will be hopping along with a few of my favorite military blogs:

Milspouse Bloghop hosted by Household6Diva & Roller Coaster

First up, I'm joining in The Military Spouse Appreciation Day Hop hosted by Household6Diva and Riding the Roller Coaster. If you are coming from there, welcome! My name is Randi, and this is A Modern Day Fairy Tale. I have to admit, if there is one thing I hate writing...it's introductions!! I never know where to begin!! But since this hop is all about being a military spouse, we'll start there. You can read my whole fairy tale story here, but to sum it up: my husband and I met during his second deployment through his sister on MySpace...we fell in love before we ever saw one another in person and were married shortly after he returned home. That was over five years ago, and despite the critics in the beginning, I still love that man more than anything. We recently made a big move from Camp Pendleton, where my husband had been for his entire military life (I'd personally been there over 5 years), to Indianapolis where he is now a recruiter. It's not an easy job but he loves it, and I love that he's
happy! It's certainly an all new adventure for him and for our family!!

On my blog, you'll find a little bit of everything- stories of military life, stories about being an Autism mom, stories about faith and stories of projects I've tried: recipes, crafts, etc. I am also a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts and more recently, Blessings Unlimited so you will see occasional posts about those as well!! It's truly an eclectic mix of all things that make up our family. I hope you'll stop by again!!

I'm also linking up with Wives of Faith's Military Spouse Appreciation Blog Carnival, with today's theme: Why I Love Being A Military Wife.

I love this theme! So often, it seems we focus on the negatives of being military wives- the deployments, field ops, long hours, being away from family...and yes, it all really stinks. But there are some great things too. As I mentioned above, my husband recently became a recruiter. A few weeks ago, a young couple came in. He was excited to join the Marine Corps, but she wasn't so sure and had a lot of anxieties about it (she actually suffered
with anxiety, something I understand all too well, having social anxiety myself). So, my husband asked me if I
would talk to her, share my experiences with the Marine Corps to help ease her mind. I told her what I am telling all of you know...the bad stuff, sucks. Plain and simple. BUT there are so many great things about the military that makes it a great life despite all that- you just have to see the positive.

For me personally, the experiences are the best part. Now, I've not seen the world like my husband has, but I've still seen more than I ever would have had I not married into the military. I grew up in a small town. Like we didn't even have a post office, small. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my hometown more than anything, but I was a girl with big dreams and there just weren't a ton of opportunities there. Had someone told me in high school that I
would be moving to California soon after, I'd have never believed them. Though it was a dream of mine, it seemed out of reach. But when I married my husband, that's where I went! Crazy! Before then, I had never been on a plane. I had only been in a few states to be entirely honest. Because of the military, I not only got to live in California, but I got to travel...many times, across the US. I don't know that there are many people who can say they've driven cross country, but I can say we've done it OFTEN. (And by train a few time!! Talk about an
awesome experience!) After my hubby's third deployment, another dream of mine also came true- Disneyland!!! I think it was more magical for me than for Shaun, but it was again an experience that I may have never had were it not for the military.

Now, I could go on and on about the benefits of military life and what those mean to me. I'm a recruiter's wife now. I've seen the benefit tags, I know what they can do for me...but I'll just stop there and simply say that the military life has allowed our family to have a great, though not always easy, life. We've gone amazing places, met amazing people. I've felt the sense of pride when my husband is thanked for his service. We've had that magical moment of being reunited after a deployment that makes it all seem worth it, and a sense of accomplishment that we survived. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and forced me to be a better, stronger person. Though it is something in the beginning I would not have wanted and not have chosen for myself, now that I have lived it, I would not trade our military life for anything!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Perfectly Loved♥

I have had this Dayspring mug for about a month now and I absolutely love it. "She didn't have to be perfect, because she was perfectly loved. 1 John 4:8" (1 John 4:8 actually reads 'Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.' in case anyone looks it up and was confused!)

Confession: I am a perfectionist.

Be it the way I look, my grades back in high school, my home or being a mommy, I strive for perfection in nearly everything. (Remember my whole Stepford wife obsession?) The trouble with perfection is that it's unattainable. In my head, I know this, but convincing the rest of me is not easy! Let's face it, we are only human- and being human means being flawed. We will never always be perfect at everything we do and trying to be will only exhaust us, physically and mentally. It takes energy away from the things we are good at and should be focusing on, and makes us feel like we will never be good enough. What a horrible feeling!

"She didn't need to be perfect, because she was perfectly loved." What a great message and powerful reminder. Despite our flaws, we are loved. God doesn't care if we have a little extra weight or don't dress like a supermodel. He doesn't care that you made that B, or struggled through that Chemistry class. He doesn't care if there is a little dust here and there, or if you overcooked supper just a bit. He doesn't care if we don't always know the right things to do or say. He loves us anyway, without exception. In His eyes, we are perfect because we are just the way He created us to be.

So rather than striving for perfection, why can't we strive to see ourselves (and others) just as He sees us? To love one another instead of judging critically and tearing each other down? To remember, that we may not be perfect, but we ARE loved.

'Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.'- 1 John 4:8

Shaun and The Beanstalk

We're long overdue to share a cute Shaun tale, right?
I thought so.

Yesterday afternoon, Shaun came up with the fun idea that he needed to grow a beanstalk.
So, he threw out some seeds (pistachios), and he waited. And he waited.
And waited some more!

He was so sad when it didn't grow!
He wanted to climb the giant beanstalk so he could walk in the clouds!
Why was it not growing!?

Wait, he had an idea to make it grow!

He just needed to water it a little!
(Even though it had been raining all afternoon!)

Currently, he is still waiting on his beanstalk to grow.
I've told him that we must not have had the right kind of magic beans,
but he's still convinced that a giant beanstalk will soon be magically appearing in our yard.
(He's really not pretending, he thinks its really happening!)
Not sure how we will talk him out of this one!!

Life with Shaun means there is never a dull moment!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Making This House Our Home: My Kitchen!

When we moved into our first house as a newly married couple, we had absolutely nothing! We bought a mattress, box spring and a simple bed frame, along with a couch and love seat set and small tv for the living room. We had mismatched dishes, pots and pans, etc, but it at least did the job, we couldn't afford to be picky. We used what we had but decoration in that house (aside from Shaun's simply done nursery) was pretty much nonexistent. When my husband left for his third deployment, we left that house and saved, saved, saved! When he returned, I made it my goal to REALLY decorate that new home. Though there was nothing wrong with that first house,
it is amazing how much difference a little decor makes in making a house feel like a home. With each new house we've lived in, I have made it my goal to make it as home-y as possible, regardless of how long we'll be there, which is so important in the military life when you're often far from friends and family. Perhaps this is why I enjoy decorating so much! So as we settle into this new house, while I miss our old house, I am loving this chance to start over from scratch. Now that we are closer to family, I am even more excited to make this home welcoming to all who enter.

Of course, to me, the kitchen is the most important room in the house, and one of the first I had to finish! My kitchen has always been one of my favorite rooms, in large part because it always seems like it is the most ME! I don't worry about if the hubby or son will like it, I decorate it for ME! And it shows! One thing that most know about me is that I love all things vintage, particularly 50s! So naturally, I wanted to reflect that in my kitchen:

This photo doesn't do it justice!
One thing I do miss from my old kitchen, I no longer have a place to display my vintage Pyrex collection. I do have a few on top of the microwave, but for the most part they're all put away for now!!

This is in my window, and one of my favorite things! These are the Blessings Blocks from Blessings Unlimited, and what made me fall in love with the company to begin with! The blocks can be switched up to make different words as well. Love these!!

Another favorite thing, this sign from Dayspring! Not to mention all of my cookbooks. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of many of those before the move...but I'm sure I'll build them back up in no time at all!!

Excuse the less than awesome cell phone picture, this was a later addition. A few weeks after we moved in, one of our neighbors was having a yard sale and had this wonderful shelf for just $5! I knew it was just what I needed for all of my aprons, love how it worked out!

And that's my kitchen. There are a few things I may change here and there (perhaps a brighter curtain for instance), but I love it at this moment, and I think it definitely reflects my tastes perfectly! I will post more pictures of the rest of the house soon, so look out for that! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday & Pinterest Love ♥

Ever have those days, weeks, months where you just seem to be in a blah mood...I've been in that mood a lot lately it seems. Between the move, being sick and trying to get everything done that so desperately needs done, it takes a lot out of me! But I try to remain positive through it all, and most days I feel like I succeed, for the most part at least! So today, I am going to bust out of that blahness and to do that I'm going to link up with Jamie at This Kind Of Love once again for What I'm Loving Wednesday. It's been ages since I linked up, but there is nothing better to turn a mood around than remembering all the great things you have. So, this is what I'm loving

First and foremost, I am loving that Shaun's mood seems to be on the upswing! Thank you, God! This move has made his meltdown and aggression issues sky rocket, and frankly, it has been the most mentally and physically exhausting thing to deal with. I'd say I was on the verge of pulling my hair out, but honestly, he was literally doing the job for me. He started his new school last week and I think that is definitely helping with the transition (though it's a huge transition in itself as his new class is much different than what we were used to in California!) His meltdowns have not gone away completely, but are slowly getting less intense. It's progress, and I'll take it!!

I am also loving that the sun is shining. After dealing with rain and storms the last few days, I was more than ready for a little sunshine! I have a severe phobia of storms, so it's been a long few days! I will enjoy the sun while it lasts!!

I am loving the new Summer Thirty-One catalog that started yesterday. There are a few new prints, plus an all new purse and it's all AMAZING! Personally, I am in love with Best Tweets and Minty Chip- can't wait to own more of it!! I also had an open house over the weekend, and despite the cold and threat of rain, I'd say it turned out very well!!

I am loving that my new house is really coming along! Of course, I'm always going to be changing things around, but it feels mostly done...for now! I will post some photos in the next day or so, since this post is already going to be pretty full!!

I love this blog post by an online friend and fellow Autism mom, Terra. I meant to share
this link last month for Autism Awareness month, but time got away from me! Regardless, awareness is important beyond the month of April, so I will just share it with you now!

I LOVED the (in)RL webcast over the weekend! Did anyone else join in? The videos were just amazing, and so inspirational. I can't wait for next year's! The video below is one of my favorite parts- Sara's story, such an inspiration to choose joy regardless of your circumstances! (The video is longer, about a half hour, but completely worth it!) (By the way, the lovely Shannon featured in the video below was kind enough to pay for my registration for the event through a giveaway she had on her blog. She's the sweetest and has an awesome blog that you can find here!)

And I absolutely LOVE my Mother's Day gift-As of yesterday, I am now a new consultant for Blessings Unlimited (Dayspring's direct sales company). If you haven't heard of Blessings yet, feel free to check out my site here, you will fall in LOVE! Plus, there is an awesome sale going on- click shop and then 'sale' along the left! Great deals, perfect for Mother's Day, or stocking up on Christmas gifts;) Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions about it!!

And finally, I love these Pinterest finds:

Source: flickr.com via Randi on Pinterest

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!