Monday, May 7, 2012

Making This House Our Home: My Kitchen!

When we moved into our first house as a newly married couple, we had absolutely nothing! We bought a mattress, box spring and a simple bed frame, along with a couch and love seat set and small tv for the living room. We had mismatched dishes, pots and pans, etc, but it at least did the job, we couldn't afford to be picky. We used what we had but decoration in that house (aside from Shaun's simply done nursery) was pretty much nonexistent. When my husband left for his third deployment, we left that house and saved, saved, saved! When he returned, I made it my goal to REALLY decorate that new home. Though there was nothing wrong with that first house,
it is amazing how much difference a little decor makes in making a house feel like a home. With each new house we've lived in, I have made it my goal to make it as home-y as possible, regardless of how long we'll be there, which is so important in the military life when you're often far from friends and family. Perhaps this is why I enjoy decorating so much! So as we settle into this new house, while I miss our old house, I am loving this chance to start over from scratch. Now that we are closer to family, I am even more excited to make this home welcoming to all who enter.

Of course, to me, the kitchen is the most important room in the house, and one of the first I had to finish! My kitchen has always been one of my favorite rooms, in large part because it always seems like it is the most ME! I don't worry about if the hubby or son will like it, I decorate it for ME! And it shows! One thing that most know about me is that I love all things vintage, particularly 50s! So naturally, I wanted to reflect that in my kitchen:

This photo doesn't do it justice!
One thing I do miss from my old kitchen, I no longer have a place to display my vintage Pyrex collection. I do have a few on top of the microwave, but for the most part they're all put away for now!!

This is in my window, and one of my favorite things! These are the Blessings Blocks from Blessings Unlimited, and what made me fall in love with the company to begin with! The blocks can be switched up to make different words as well. Love these!!

Another favorite thing, this sign from Dayspring! Not to mention all of my cookbooks. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of many of those before the move...but I'm sure I'll build them back up in no time at all!!

Excuse the less than awesome cell phone picture, this was a later addition. A few weeks after we moved in, one of our neighbors was having a yard sale and had this wonderful shelf for just $5! I knew it was just what I needed for all of my aprons, love how it worked out!

And that's my kitchen. There are a few things I may change here and there (perhaps a brighter curtain for instance), but I love it at this moment, and I think it definitely reflects my tastes perfectly! I will post more pictures of the rest of the house soon, so look out for that! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


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  2. I love it! I am super jealous of all of that room! I can't stand our kitchen. I had to get a microwave cart for our appliances because we literally have 3 cabinets and not near enough for everything!

  3. Too cute! So glad I came across your blog @ The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom blog linkup. Would love to have you share this at my blog party (! Have a blessed week!!

    PS-I'm your newest follower!!

  4. I do so admire all you young -er wives and Moms..I don't know how you manage your families and home and enough time for Blogging too~ Isn't it fun~~~


  5. It looks great...but even I am bummed that there's no place to display your vintage pyrex! You are going to have to get some kind of display cabinet or something to put somewhere!!!

  6. Your kitchen sure is homey, and I love the blocks and the nook for the aprons! I make aprons, but they are all squished behind some shelves, I want to make my kitchen more homey!


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