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Pet owner's guide to tackling different dog tantrums

Human beings have been petting dogs for the longest time. Dogs have slowly learned to stay with humans, but humans have to learn a lot about the doggie world. Many people love to have pet dogs because the furry creatures are incredibly loving. They are always there for us and pour us hugs and kisse…

Lessons to learn from the biblical women

Every person gets through the growing up stage where he has questions about anything and everything. Our parents have this thing in common: they can turn any situation into a teachable moment regardless of the severity. The Bible is one good source of taking life lessons by reading through people&#…

Things you can do to extend support to your artist friends

Following a creative approach can often get discouraging when you do not get any support or appreciation from your friends and family. If you have an artist friend, you should do everything within your limit to support them and their art. It takes a lot of struggle and courage to enter the artistry…

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