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The Importance of Activity in Residential Care

Through TV, movies, and other popular forms of media, a certain stereotypical image of residential care has been cultivated in the minds of many. This image might include a lifeless room with people silently and vacantly watching TV – an atmosphere of dreariness that is consistently present. This i…

The Benefits of Reading For Seniors in Care

Reading is not only a brilliant way to spend your downtime and unwind, but it's also a potent tool for seniors in care. Whether you read with a physical book, enjoy an e-reader, or listen to an audiobook, there are a number of benefits to be gained from books in all their forms; read on as we e…

Just My Ex by Deb Goodman: Book Review

*Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

He is my ex. And now my…bodyguard? I did not think this through…

I’m back at the Tate’s Colorado resort, hiding from my crazy uncle who’s harassing me so I’ll declaim my grandfather’s sizable inheritance. It’s not happening, Uncle Raymond.


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