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{2} Twenty Facts

Topic for Day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge is: 20 Facts About Me!!

  1. I grew up in a very small town in Southern Indiana. We didn't even have a post office!
  2. I graduated high school in 2006, but I actually finished in 2005. I opted to finish getting my credits through alternative school the summer before my senior year due to frequent migraines that had kept me out much of my junior year as well.
  3. I moved to California in November 2006. I had just a small suitcase, intending to stay for just a few weeks, but ended up staying for over 5 years!
  4. I have a lot of phobias. One of my greatest is storms. A couple of my more unusual are microphones and video cameras.
  5. I don't eat meat (only seafood), and haven't since I was about 13 years old. I'm the only vegetarian in my family (of hunters, interestingly enough!)
  6. At 24 years old, I'm addicted to the Disney Channel. My DVR is filled with old DCOMs (new ones too), and my TV is on Disney 75% of the time.
  7. I'm a bargain shopper. I hate spending money, so I will always try to get the best deals whenever possible- yard sales, coupons, whatever it takes!
  8. I cannot tie my shoes correctly. I never could learn!!!
  9. I have 2 scars- one from a no longer pierced belly button, and another very small one from a bike crash when I was younger. We lived on a gravel road, and while going downhill, I lost control. My choices were the creek or eat rock...I ate rock!!
  10. I'm allergic to strawberries. When I was younger, I had MANY food allergies: wheat, milk...I'm not even sure the entire list but it was long...thankfully, I outgrew all the rest!
  11. I always save the blue and red m&ms for last.
  12. I have a paranoia about my house smelling bad (after hearing that you can grow used to smells and not even notice them!), which is why I'm such a huge Scentsy addict!
  13. I still have boxes left to be unpacked...I just can't seem to find the energy or want to do it!
  14. My first job was working as a sweeper at Holiday World. If you're from anywhere around the southern Indiana area, you likely know what that is, for those that don't- it's a wonderful theme park near my hometown.
  15. Horror movies don't usually scare me, but shows like CSI or Law & Order do...I CANNOT watch them at all!
  16. I collect cookbooks, vintage pyrex and aprons...among other things:)
  17. I'm having a really hard time coming up with 20 *interesting* facts about me!
  18. I'm short- just under 5 foot tall.
  19. I type with only one hand (my left), and I always have. But I'm actually a very fast typist anyway...I used to have people stand behind me and watch me type in my English classes. I never knew it was that unusual!!
  20. I am extremely happy to have reached number 20, because I was drawing a blank on what else to say about me!!! ;)


  1. I am the same way with smells. Our old rental was horrible. Smokers and the previous owners had pets that peed on the carpet. Scentsy really helped with it! Glad we are in our own house without those smells.


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