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{13 & 14} Memories and Lottery

Day 13: What is your earliest memory?

Confession: I have the worst memory! Seriously! As I'm trying to think of what my earliest memory might have been, it seems most of them involve being sick! I have some very vague memories of preschool, but nothing specific. My first super clear memory I think is being in the hospital when I was in kindergarten for pneumonia. I think I was in there for about a week, and at the time it seemed traumatic. I remember getting an IV, the flowers/stuffed animals that were delievered, and scaring my little sister when I adjusted the bed! (After the nurses snuck her back because she was technically too young to visit!)

Day 14: If you won the lottery...

My husband would say we'd have to buy a lottery ticket before we could win! Ha! But seriously, what would we do if we won the lottery? I'm very much a saver, so I would of course like to put a large majority into savings towards our future house (assuming we weren't ready to build-out of the Marine Corps- when we won of course!) And do the practical thing of paying off anything that needed to be paid off- which for us would mean the motorcycle! I'm sure my hubby would like to splurge and do some work on it while he was at it. For me, I would probably splurge on a new wardrobe because mine desperately needs updating! (But knowing me, I'd still hit the sales racks and Plato's Closet...make the most of the winnings!) Maybe a family trip to Disney World too!! (Or Ireland, my dream vacation!) For the most part though, I would definitely be pushing to be practical with the money...getting my husband to agree to that...well, that's an entirely different topic altogether!!!


  1. I would save it too! You are right, got to buy a ticket to win. My mom is always trying to win Publisher's Clearing House. My memory is horrible and I cannot remember many parts of my childhood at all. Pictures help fill in the gaps but I wish my memory was more clear.


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