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{11 & 12} 15 Things and Inside My Fridge

Day 11: 15 of My Favorite Things

  1. The people in my life: family and friends. Of course, I have to start with the most important, right? I would not be who I am without the people in my life. I would list them individually, but then I'd have used up all 15 favorites!!
  2. Shaun conversations. Not long ago, they were nonexistent, so while I sometimes have to fight for them, and while our most in depth conversations are about Thomas trains and Pac Man and Mario...I treasure them. I share many of these conversations on my personal Facebook page, not because they are anything particularly ground breaking in topic, but because I am so thrilled to be having them. I'm sure this is something that all mothers who have a child with Autism or other speech delays can relate to that feeling!
  3. Thirty-One. I wouldn't sell it if I didn't love it...I'm constantly amazed at how quickly my little collection grew...I at all times have at least 2 products on me, often more than that! (Our trunk when we travel is nearly all Thirty-One!!)
  4. Dayspring/(In)Courage/Blessings Unlimited. What is not to love about anything Dayspring does? My favorite home decor, blog, etc...all rolled into one wonderful package!!
  5. Disney Channel. Or maybe just Disney in general. You can never be too old for Disney! (Or at least that's what I tell myself!!)
  6. Shabby Apple. I am lucky enough to own a few of their dresses...and they are every bit as wonderful as all the blog hype makes them out to be! LOVE them. It's hard to find cute dresses that are also modest, but these certainly are!
  7. Facebook. Well, let's be honest, who doesn't love Facebook? It is particularly wonderful when you live far from family...what a great way to keep up with friends and family no matter where they live!
  8. Scentsy. I am an addict...see Day 12 below, and you'll understand just how addicted I am!
  9. Kohls. I have never been a Kohls fan until recently, but I had $125 in gift cards, so I went in with the intention of buying a toaster, and instead found a Keurig Mini on sale for $99. Well, I couldn't resist! I bought that, and a 48 pack of k-cups for around $18, and got back $20 Kohls cash! Yesterday, we went back and bought a pool, sprinkler and Thomas lawn chair, used our Kohl's cash and spent just $14 out of pocket! Wow! I'm officially a Kohls fan now!!
  10. Getting great deals! I'm a bargain shopper, and a couponer. It's definitely a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you get a great deal on something, like the above scenario!
  11. Pretty Little Liars. Just a few short weeks...yes!!
  12. Pioneer Woman. If you've never tried any of her recipes, you don't know what you are missing! Amazing!
  13. Vintage-y things. I've mentioned that once or twice...or a million times, but it's true! Whether it be vintage inspired clothing, home decor...whatever...I LOVE it all!
  14. Taking pictures. Even though I have been slacking in the photo taking department as of late, I still love it. I think I get this from my Great Grandma...every time we'd go for a visit, she'd have the camera out! My mom was nearly as bad too! I come by it very naturally!
  15. Pinterest. I'm always on the lookout for new recipe ideas, and Pinterest is certainly great for that! Not to mention crafts and home decor...love it! So glad I finally gave into the temptation and joined!
I have many more favorite things as well, but those are at least 15 of them...in no particular order!!

Day 12: What's Inside Your Fridge?

Well, what SHOULD be in my fridge is a flashing neon sign that says, "Go shopping!" We definitely need to get a few things from the commissary! Here is what is REALLY in my fridge:

Eggs, lots of cheeses, juice, Sunny D, Mello Yello (for the hubby), milk, butter, sour cream, diet coke (for me), some produce...and remember how I said you'd understand how addicted I am to Scentsy? Yes, that container is FILLED with Scentsy bars (I've been accused of having more Scentsy in my fridge than food!) There are over 100 bars total...but to be fair, over half are retired scents...okay, okay, I have a problem!!

Some condiments...nothing to exciting there. (Though, that Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch is DELICIOUS!).

Yes, even more Scentsy! The ones to the right are all my bathroom/bedroom only scents.

And my freezer: some frozen veggies, ice cream, meats...and in case you're wondering about the teddy bear...it's actually a Thermal-Aid bear. It's like an ice pack (or heat pack), but doesn't cause that sting you get from regular ice packs...plus, what a fun thing to open the freezer to, right?

Well, that was...interesting, huh? So now you know, I keep a crazy hoard of Scentsy in my fridge and I desperately need to go shopping! I hope you enjoyed!


  1. All those scentsy's in the fridge are cracking me up! Are they supposed to maintain their scent better in the fridge or what?!


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