Monday, May 21, 2012

{8} In Your Handbag

Day 8: What's In Your Handbag?

This is a fun topic isn't it? In my Thirty-One skirt purse at the moment:
  • A Dayspring card from my Blessings Unlimited Director welcoming me to the team.
  • A heart token from my Blessings sponsor says 'In God's Care: 1 Peter 5:7' ( Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.) I thought it was a perfect message for me with all my anxiety issues, and a great reminder to keep with me at all times!!
  • Map, etc from the Indianapolis Children's Museum. We got a membership a few weeks back...what a fun place!! Shaun loves it!
  • Cell Phone- yes, that's an OLD's my husband's hand me down which I refuse to replace until this one finally dies...which I'm not sure will ever happen!! It's made it around the world and is still kicking!
  • Thirty-One Mini Catalogs- you never know when you might need those!
  • Scentsy Love Story Hand Cream, which smells amazing!!
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Chapstick
  • Thirty-One Wristlet Wallet- which is great when I don't want to take my purse...I can't seem to bring myself to completely leave the house without my purse, but at least I don't have to carry it everywhere!!
  • Car keys (and other Thirty-One product, my Key Fob!!)
There were also several receipts, etc, but I just went ahead and tossed those out!!


  1. I think this is the cleanest purse I've seen to date. I never know what I'll find in mine.

  2. Yay love the Children's Museum in IN. Your purse sounds so organized! I need to clean mine out :)

  3. Thank you for following my Blog! And I am in love with your organized purse! My purse looks like a trash can.

  4. Many things inside your bag...
    Nice blue bag :)

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