Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shaun and The Beanstalk

We're long overdue to share a cute Shaun tale, right?
I thought so.

Yesterday afternoon, Shaun came up with the fun idea that he needed to grow a beanstalk.
So, he threw out some seeds (pistachios), and he waited. And he waited.
And waited some more!

He was so sad when it didn't grow!
He wanted to climb the giant beanstalk so he could walk in the clouds!
Why was it not growing!?

Wait, he had an idea to make it grow!

He just needed to water it a little!
(Even though it had been raining all afternoon!)

Currently, he is still waiting on his beanstalk to grow.
I've told him that we must not have had the right kind of magic beans,
but he's still convinced that a giant beanstalk will soon be magically appearing in our yard.
(He's really not pretending, he thinks its really happening!)
Not sure how we will talk him out of this one!!

Life with Shaun means there is never a dull moment!


"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24