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Moms, Pamper Yourself Guilt Free With Beauty Deals from SaleEvent.com {+ Coupon Code}

**This is a sponsored post written by myself on behalf of Saleevent.com. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Hey moms... when was the last time you bought beauty supplies just for you?

I'm not talking about just the essentials. Or the lesser quality, 'not quite what we want, but what we settle for' products. I'm talking about truly going out and shopping for products we LOVE, without feeling any guilt.

I can imagine for many of us, it might have been awhile. I know it has for me. When I became a mom, it seemed anything I wanted for myself became secondary. I put everyone else before myself, and took whatever was left over. So often when I go to even buy the basic makeup products, I find myself feeling guilt over it. Let's be honest, there's certainly nothing to feel guilty about--- but many of us still can't help but feel that way. Can you relate?

What if we could get the great name brand products that we love... without the guilt? What if we didn't have to sacrifice quality and brands we want, so that we can feel better about spending less on US?  With Saleevent.com, now we CAN!

What is Saleevent?

Saleevent.com offers top name brands of cosmetics, health and beauty products at the lowest prices. Some of the brands include (but are not limited to) Revlon, L'Oreal, E.L.F., J&J, Unilever and P&G... just to name a few! Whatever your favorite brands might be, there's a good chance you'll find them there. They offer every day savings of up to 50% off.

Sounds pretty great, right? I went over to check it out myself, and was greeted with lots of great products I loved or wanted to try out.... all at fantastic prices.

For the last several years, I have kept my makeup collection very simple. I have my foundation. I have my mascara. I have my lip color. For the most part, that was pretty much it. I might grab a little something extra for a special occasion, but mostly I stuck to the bare minimum. The last time I purchased eyeshadow for myself!? I couldn't even begin to tell you how long ago it had been.

But at Saleevent.com I could find great options like this e.l.f. 100 piece Total Eyeshadow Palette for a fraction of the cost that I might have found it elsewhere. Now, that's a LOT of eyeshadow. The savings don't just stop at their every day low prices though. All purchases of $30+ qualifies for free shipping, which can be a huge savings to those on a budget.

Even better? Right now when you purchase $100+ in merchandise at Saleevent.com, you can use the exclusive code RANDIKAYE to save an additional $10! What!? An extra $10 off those already low prices!? I'll take it! Orders will ship free to anywhere in the US and Canada. Amazing!

Head on over to check it out now and start pampering yourself... guilt free! You deserve it, mama! And while you're there, don't forget to sign up for emails to receive even more great offers.

Do you often feel guilt over purchasing beauty products for yourself? How can the great prices at Salesevent.com help? 


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