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Wear Your Faith this Season with Holy Pals Christmas PJs {A Discount Code + Giveaway} #Christmasmatchingpajamas #wearyourfaith

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'Tis the season for family, faith and tradition!

As the holidays quickly approach, many of us are looking forward to celebrating our favorite family traditions. Traditions like visiting family, watching our favorite Christmas movies, baking cookies and writing letters to Santa. While some of these traditions are rooted in family history and the spirit of togetherness... some are really just fun! Traditions like ugly sweaters or matching family PJs are those that are rooted in fun!

As Christians, when my family celebrates Christmas we are remembering and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Oh, where would we be without that little baby born in a manger!? As such, I am always looking for ways to remind my children why it is we really celebrate. It is not about the gifts under the tree, but the gift that Jesus gave each and every one of us!

How do we keep Jesus in our Christmas celebrations? 

There are many ways that we have strived to keep Christ in Christmas throughout the years. We read books and listen to songs declaring the reason for the season. We attend church regularly to make sure our kids are learning about Christ's birth. We've baked birthday cakes for Jesus and decorated our home with intention. 

But what if we incorporated our faith into those more fun traditions too?

With Holy Pals PJs, we can do just that!

Christmas PJs play a role in holiday tradition for so many of us. Maybe it's curling up in a pair of cozy PJs and listening to the Christmas story on Christmas Eve... or getting a new pair every year under the tree. In recent years, the tradition of families wearing matching PJs has become more and more popular... and what a fun tradition that is! With Holy Pals, we can find PJs that celebrate the reason for the season with adorable designs depicting scenes from that very first Christmas! 

I was recently given the chance to try out a pair of these fun PJs in the Christmas Classic print. 

First and foremost, they were absolutely beautiful with a fun print that all ages can appreciate! But when it comes to pajamas, comfort is key. The good news is, they certainly were that too. They are a nice soft cotton that was just the right thickness--- thick enough for cool winter nights, but not too thick for those who tend to get a little warmer in their sleep. The women's style offer a more fitted look with a long sleeve top and bottoms in a matching print. I tend to prefer my pajamas to have a looser fit, so I sized up for a little more room. I think this was a good decision for me--- it gave me a slightly looser fit on the top, and even the legs on the bottoms. They were just a little loose around the waist, but not to where they have any chance of falling off! The rise was a little bit lower than I am used to (as I tend to wear the highest rise pants I can find!), but again... not too low at all. The men's style features a looser fit with patterned pants and a solid top, so for anyone wanting something even looser, they could certainly work for women as well I think!  They offer a large variety of sizes from NB-14 in children, XS-XL in women's and S-XXL in men's making them perfect for the whole family!  

Perhaps my favorite part of these PJs is the little tag stitched into the right arm of each pair. This tag has a Bible reference for us to look up and read the story behind the images on these PJs. How absolutely special is that? And such a sweet way to encourage kids to pick up their Bibles and learn these stories as well! 

I absolutely, positively adore these PJs... not just for their style and comfort, but for the lessons they will help to teach as well. 

And it doesn't have to stop after Christmas either! They offer a variety of non-holiday Bible prints featuring stories such as Easter, Palm Sunday, Esther, Noah, Daniel, David & Goliath, Jonah, Adam & Eve as well! Every purchase also goes towards sending PJs to the children of The Littlest Lamb- a privately funded orphanage in Egypt. How's that for the true spirit of the season? 

Ready to grab your own Holy Pals PJs for your family? You can purchase here: https://holypals.com/discount/RANDI10 Be sure to use the code RANDI10 to save 10% off your purchase! 

You can also enter for your chance to win here: https://www.blessedfreebies.com/holypals.html

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