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When Life Gives You Messes...Get Viva Vantage! #sp

Many thanks to Viva Vantage and Walmart for sponsoring today’s story and helping me clean up after my messy kids!

When it comes to motherhood, there are a few things in life that are absolutely certain:

  • You will love your children unconditionally.
  • You will never pee in peace again.
  • Messes are inevitable.

Am I right, or am I right? Today, we're going to be talking about that final statement...ah, the messes! They start right from the beginning don't they? Like the time you realized you've walked around all day with the spit up on yourself. Those messes only continue to grow as baby begins the fun experience of solid foods. It never fails that more food seems to make it everywhere else than in their mouths. Then there are the spills of learning to use a big kid cup (or even those leaky sippy cups). And the messes don't end with babyhood. Nope, in fact, I think they STILL continue to grow as your little one does. How many times has my now 7 year old found the last single puddle to jump into? Or attempted to make his own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? And really, does one ever learn to eat spaghetti without the mess...we've yet to see it!

Try as we might, there's just no way to keep the messes from happening...so I've come to the realization that there's no point in trying! For kids, making the messes is part of the fun of being a kid. Instead of stressing, I try to let them enjoy it while they're little and just deal with the messes as they come. But have you ever tried cleaning peanut butter and jelly off of the table!? Let me tell you something, it's not a task for the weak. Many have tried and many have failed...paper towels that is! For the biggest messes from my little mess makers, plain ol' bargain paper towels just aren't going to get the job done. We needed something different. The solution? Viva Vantage paper towels available at Walmart!

So, what makes these better than the rest? Simply put, they get the job done! Viva Vantage towels are made with the revolutionary V-Flex Weave, which provides stretch. That stretch is just what is needed to maximize the scrubbing power...allowing for easy cleanup on even the stickiest, slimiest messes! Their sponge-like absorbency means major spills don't stand a chance! Hello, cleaning power!

With all that cleaning power behind me, I can tackle all the messes life throws my way!! They even make it easy enough that my son can clean up his OWN messes! Want to break up with your old paper towels and come to the Viva Vantage side? You can purchase them at your local Walmart store...or online!

Do you have a little mess maker in your household? What is the toughest mess they make? How could Viva Vantage help YOU tackle life's messes?


  1. I love Viva towels they are pretty sturdy and clean pretty good.

  2. I make more messes than my son does! My husband jokes that the kitchen always looks like a tornado has gone through after I cook dinner. Paper towels are a must in my family.


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