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"Mommy, I want to do it myself. Like the other kids."

These were the words my almost eight year old son told me as we headed for the pool on the final day of Cub Scouts camp. As you all probably know, my son Shaun has autism. What you may not know, is that because of this, he still struggles with certain self care tasks that come easily to his peers- such as dressing himself (or more specifically not getting distracted and coming out naked!) and potty training. At Scout Camp, they take the boys' safety very seriously. This meant that boys under 17 had a locker room for the pool all to themselves. No grown ups allowed. And to get to the pool, you HAD to go through the locker rooms. No exceptions. Needless to say, this worried me a bit. What if he needed help getting dressed? What if he came out naked? What if he lost his things, as he's known to just leave things tossed about? What if he'd had an accident and the other boys made fun of him? To be honest, this was my biggest concern. So we came up with a game plan. He'd wear his swim clothes there, so no changing required before pool time and afterwards we'd change in the life guard's bathroom before going through the locker room. For much of the week, this plan seemed to work fairly well. But on that last day, I heard those words.

In all my efforts to try to help him, I wasn't really giving him what he truly wanted- to be just like the other kids. Though I had the best of intentions, I must admit I felt awful. So on that final day, I let him do his thing, all by himself. Now, that's not to say it was without his challenges-he had to make multiple trips back inside to get everything he kept forgetting- but he DID it, and he felt good about doing it.

Perhaps you have never had this experience with a child with special needs, but it's not a desire exclusive to just my son. All kids want to be one of the crowd. They don't want to feel isolated or made to feel like a baby. They want to be big. They want to be a confident kid!

Bed wetting can certainly put a damper on that!

Did you know that bed wetting affects approximately 7 million children in the United States alone? It's an issue that is not uncommon, but telling that to children does not make it any less embarrassing. No big kid wants to wear diapers like a baby. Just like my son at camp, they want to do it just like everyone else. They want to enjoy sleepovers and overnight camps with confidence, not with fear of being made fun of. What can we as parents do to help them stay dry AND confident? We took a trip to our local CVS to find a good nighttime solution. What we found was GoodNites TruFit Starter Pack.

So what sets GoodNites TruFit apart from other overnight 'big kid' diaper products?

Simply put, it's NOT a diaper. They are actually UNDERWEAR! 

This unique design looks and feels just like real underwear on the outside, but on the inside features a leak-resistant insert pocket. Simply tuck in the disposable insert before bed and toss it in the trash in the morning and wash the underwear like normal.Your kiddo stays dry without feeling like a baby. And because they really are REAL underpants, they are even great for overnights away from home! No embarrassing 'diaper' waist bands to be seen! Our kids will feel like a big kid, and be encouraged to believe in themselves not just as bedtime, but throughout their day to day!

As I discovered with my son at summer camp, kids just want to be kids...and with GoodNites, they can be!

And you can help your child gain confidence for less at CVS. Click here to download your coupon for $4 off your starter kit!!

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How do you help keep your kids dry and confident throughout the night? How can GoodNites help?


  1. I never used these with my son, but it looks like a great product!

  2. He is so cute! I am glad the GoodNites have been a "TruFit" for him! #client

  3. Wow!! How fantastic of Good Nites to think about eliminating the embarrassment of diaper show and crinkle for bigger kids!! I love love love that these look like underwear!! I used to work with special needs children and some days it would be a battle to get them into a pull up... and I can totally understand why!! I bet they arent comfortable and they look unlike everyone else!! These will be such a game changer!!

  4. I never realized these look so much like underwear. I will definitely consider them once we get to that stage with our little ones.

  5. These are a great choice, especially when kids are in situations where others will notice anything different - you feel more confident letting them be in situations where you aren't there!


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