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Take Your Fashion to the Wild Side with Leopard Print Shoes from FSJ!

It's no secret that I love fashion!

To me, there is just something fun about putting together an outfit and figuring out how to complete the look from head to toe. Oftentimes I find that it is the smaller details that truly make an outfit, and so I always try to remember that... My favorite thing to do when creating outfits? Adding a little extra pop.

But, what exactly does that mean?

For me, it simply means adding something unexpected that takes the whole outfit to the next level. Oftentimes that involves color. I'll add just a hint of a brighter or contrasting color that will pop out. This is fairly simple and can be anything from a scarf, to a necklace to shoes. Makeup can be another effective way to add a little extra. For me, that usually means a bold red lip.

And speaking of bold... another great way to add a little pop to your outfit is with a bold print. More specifically, an animal print! Confession: I absolutely ADORE leopard prints. That may be shocking to some, as it's a louder print, and I'm a quieter person... but when done right, I think it's absolutely gorgeous. While I don't have the personality to pull off an all over leopard print for the most part, that doesn't mean I cannot enjoy adding little pops of it here and there, does it? The best way to do that? SHOES! It's a small pop, but one that works amazingly well! Leopard print matches so much too... from basic black, to red, pink, yellow... just about any solid! For the more adventurous and print mixing expert, you can even pair it with a great floral too... which is why every woman needs a pair in her wardrobe. For that, fsjshoes has us covered with a wide variety of great shoes to choose from... no matter your style!

Not all leopard print shoes are created equal.

Some are much more bold, like these printed boots. They cover more, giving you a HUGE pop of print. How fun would these be with some skinny jeans and an oversized sweater?

As cute as these are, I tend to gravitate toward something a little more subtle, such as these cute options:

Cute, right? These options still give a good deal of print, and definitely make a statement. But you can even go more subtle with just a hint of print in options like these cute booties, which just so happen to be my favorite!

From subtle to bold, fsjshoes has a great variety of leopard print shoes that are sure to add that extra pop into your wardrobe.These are only just a few of the many available. Check them out and let me know YOUR favorites in the comments. 

Do you love adding pop to your wardrobe? What's your favorite way to do so? Which leopard print shoes from fsjshoes would you most love to see in your closet?


  1. The Women's Brown Round Toe Suede Leopard-print Flats are my favorites. The Leopard-print flats would compliment my favorite Leopard tote!


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