Thursday, March 7, 2024

The Crooked Daughter Epic Book Launch


About the Book 

Book Title: The Crooked Daughter 

Author Name: D.M. Griffin 

Genre: Biblical Fiction 

Release Date: March 28, 2024 

Choices her father made before she was even born reached a bony finger into her life, clouding her future with hopelessness. Her father’s cold heart had no room for her. He easily cast her aside when the Law permitted it. Defined as an outcast because of a physical infirmity, Priscilla was told death was her destiny. Despite the limited perspective brought about by years of adversity, Priscilla fought to keep hope alive and wait for the Lord’s timing. 

Aquila lost his father at the most critical time in his life. Battling against grief and bitterness, Aquila uncovers a secret about his father’s death that undermines his faith in a religious system that once defined him. Driven from his homeland, Aquila becomes someone he no longer recognizes. 

Two people whose perspectives are skewed by adversity become divinely intertwined in mysterious ways. As they wait upon the Lord for His timing, would Priscilla and Aquila ever find the truth that would lift their eyes to the hills so they could see the purpose of life, not only between a man and a woman but between God and His creation? A poignant story about how God uses adversity for good in the lives of those who truly love and trust Him. 


Book Excerpt 

Distributing the bread and fruit amongst the infirm was tedious, but necessary work. Prisca praised God for giving her an assignment within the discarded community. Despite the daily disappointments, Prisca waited with hopeful anticipation. If she could only witness one person get healed, then she felt her heart would be full again. Just one miracle would be enough to believe that someday…She sighed, fingering the bread. 

“Would you like some bread?” Prisca held it out the offering, her stomach growling in protest. 

An older woman, new to the area, sat near the pool. The water reflected the gray sky above them. Prisca did not remember seeing the woman before. She must have come during the pre-dawn hours when Prisca was still sleeping.  

The woman replied by showing Prisca her shriveled hands. Like the claw of an eagle, the poor woman’s fingers were bent at an odd angle. Her entire hand curved inward, making them unusable. Prisca wanted to ask what happened, but given her own situation, she knew better. Sometimes there was no explanation for the way things happened in life.  

Though the woman said nothing with her tiny mouth, her wrinkled face and disabled hands spoke volumes. 



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About the Author 

D.M. Griffin is the author of several Biblical Fiction novels as well as devotionals, prayer journals, and Bible studies. She will be releasing a Christian Fantasy series in 2025. She currently resides in Northern California with her husband. They met in middle school a few days after she was transplanted to the West Coast at the tender age of twelve. She has three adult children who have been an endless source of delight and inspiration. She also has a precious new grandchild who brings her joy. 

As a native New England girl, she fondly remembers spending her summers there as a child. Thick accents, small towns, and fascinating weather stirred the imagination of a young heart. She has always had a fondness for stories thanks to her imaginative mother who would make up wild, adventurous tales to tell when tucking her into bed as a child. 

She truly believes that a book that sits on a shelf unread is like a planted seed that never blossoms. Nothing delights her more than sharing a story. 


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