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You are never too far, that God won’t chase you.

That's a beautiful message, isn't it? And it's one that so many people need. This is the message in the new movie, Pastor's Kid--take a look:

In this raw true story of faith and redemption, college student, Riley, runs from her painful past of abuse and religious hypocrisy.  However, God has other plans for Riley when an unforeseen circumstance compels her to confront the very source of her anguish – her estranged mother. Faced with the choice to either continue running from her demons or confront them head-on, Riley embarks on a powerful journey of faith, redemption, and healing. As she unravels the layers of her painful childhood, Riley discovers the transformative power of forgiveness and the strength to break free from the chains of her past.

It is important to note that this is not the typical family friendly, faith-filled movie that I usually share. While it has a beautiful and impactful message of faith... it's far from family friendly. The creators opted to make Pastor's
 Kid a raw R-rated film to 'honor the true journey it's based on and show the power of what God was bringing her through. The goal was not to be "dark/edgy" but to show the realities of those caught in substance abuse and the freedom that can be found through Christ'. Drugs are a huge part of this story and that is not shied away from on the screen. There is also a LOT of language. It certainly earns that R rating and as such isn't one to be watched with younger children (I would recommend watching yourself to decide for teens). While I may not personally prefer that type of language in my entertainment, it IS the reality of the world we live in. I think sometimes when we sugarcoat or avoid language and the tougher moments in a film like this, while it may make some of us more comfortable, it can also seem too perfect and be off-putting to those who need the message most... and this is definitely a message that needs to be heard! It was a beautiful story and one absolutely worth watching. 

You can learn more and get tickets to see the movie in theaters March 15 here: 


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