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How To Prepare For Parenthood

The first time you become a parent, your life will change completely. This is not a bad thing, but it is certainly something to be aware of, and if you can prepare mentally and practically in advance, this switch to being a parent will be much easier, and you will enjoy the process more.
This is of…

Dawn of the Hunters Book Tour + Giveaway

Dawn of the Hunters Hunters of Infinity #3 by Ryan Wieser Genre: Space Opera, SciFi Pub Date: 5/7/19
Even the Hunters of Infinity are splintered when faced with the greatest battle in the Daharian galaxy’s history . . .
Jessop has proven herself to be an unstoppable force from Aranthol to Azgul, ina…

Faith Is for Weak People: Responding to the Top 20 Objections to the Gospel {A Book Review}

**Book received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Every day that we interact with the world, we are in a battle. At stake is the eternal destiny of the souls of our friends, family members, and coworkers. It is a battle we wage not only in prayer but a…

Bible Journaling How To: Bleeding Tissue Paper Backgrounds

Wednesday is usually my day to post my weekly recap of my 100 Days of Grace and Gratitude, but I must admit I've gotten a little behind this week--- let's just blame the end of the school year madness for that, shall we? So, while I try to play catch up this week, I instead wanted to share…

Linda Bennett Pennell Author Spotlight Book Tour + Giveaway

Al Capone at the Blanche Hotel by Linda Bennett Pennell Genre: Historical, Contemporary Suspense 
Al Capone at the Blanche Hotel tells a story of lives unfolding in different centuries, but linked and irrevocably altered by a series of murders in 1930.
Lake City, Florida, June, 1930: Al Capone c…

Finding Beautiful: Discovering Authentic Beauty around the World {A Book Review}

**Book received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Americans spend millions on beauty products, weight-loss programs, and age-defying medical interventions each year. We set impossible standards and feel bad about ourselves when we don't reach them. …

The Resistance Series Book Tour + Giveaway

Counteract Resistance Series Book 1 by Tracy Lawson Genre: YA Dystopian Adventure
Who do you trust when your world unravels and everything you believed is a lie?

For the past fifteen years, The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense has guarded the public against the rampant threat of terrorism. …

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