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Finding Beautiful: Discovering Authentic Beauty around the World {A Book Review}

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Americans spend millions on beauty products, weight-loss programs, and age-defying medical interventions each year. We set impossible standards and feel bad about ourselves when we don't reach them. Is beauty truly that difficult to attain? Or could it be that our idea of what's beautiful is simply too narrow?

With engaging personal stories and dramatic before-and-after photography, filmmaker Rebecca Friedlander uncovers the true beauty of 12 women from various ethnicities and backgrounds, empowering us to shatter the lies of rejection, doubt, and low self-esteem. Utilizing compelling biblical truth and questions for personal reflection, Friedlander helps us identify our own personal battlegrounds, celebrate our uniqueness, and embrace God's definition of beautiful.

Anyone who loves a great makeover story or who wants to explore their unique identity will love this eye-opening book. Let's stop letting the world define beauty and start being a voice that tells the world what true beauty actually looks like.

Rebecca Friedlander has been in full-time ministry for 17 years, ministering both locally and internationally using creative arts and music. As a worship leader, she has copyrighted more than 300 songs and released 13 CDs.  As a film producer and award-winning photographer, her productions include Seeds TV, Girl Perfect, Pioneers, A Southeast Alaskan Odyssey, Spiritual Warfare 101, Celtic Pilgrimage, and Thin Places. Her newest production, Radical Makeovers, is a TV series about beauty, featuring makeovers and testimonies of 40 women around the world who have overcome image-related issues. The author of 8 books, Rebecca lives in San Diego, California. Visit rebeccafriedlander.com for more information.

Beauty is such a tricky thing, isn't it? All around us are conflicting messages. We are told that beauty is only skin deep, and that it is what is inside that counts and we want to believe it, and perhaps we even believe it about everyone else. But not about ourselves. After all, for everything telling us looks don't matter, there are three more reminding us the importance our society places on just these things. Makeup ads, airbrushed models, fashion magazines, diet plans... the list goes on and on and on. We all want to be beautiful, and have this idea that if we were just prettier, life would be better. Isn't that what Hollywood tells us? As a child of the 90s, 'She's All That' and 'Clueless' certainly showed us that, right?

Still, we can spend all the money in the world to look better, but at the end of the day it's not going to make us feel any better. To find that authentic beauty, we have to dig a little deeper- to see the beautiful creation God created us to be. This book does this beautifully--- no pun intended.

This book doesn't feature your typical makeovers. It's not just about putting on some makeup and a new dress, but rather about shattering the lies that we tell ourselves, making over how we see ourselves. Through the story of the various women throughout the book, we see just that. I loved reading these stories, and as someone who struggles with self doubt, I know it is a book that is so much needed. It's not just stories though, but the makeover pictures too that made this book so unique and special. I know what you're thinking- makeover pictures? Isn't that going against the point of finding and embracing that authentic beauty? Isn't that just embracing the idea that you need a makeover? In this case, no...absolutely not. These are not your typical makeover pictures. They have less to do with the physical appearance, and more to do with how these women saw themselves. The physical appearances, in my opinion, were not drastic changes... but in the before images we see the brokenness. We see the lies. In the after we see the freedom from those lies and the lightness that follows. That is most certainly a beautiful thing.

This is a great read for all women, with fantastic stories, beautiful images and questions for reflection. It is one I would definitely recommend to all.

Finding Beautiful is available to purchase at your favorite Christian book retailers.


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