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100 Days of Grace and Gratitude Days 71-77

Day 71: We Are His Creation

Isn't it amazing to think that the same God who made all the beauty in the universe... also created each and every one of us? Astounding. God truly is the ultimate artist, a beautiful creator.

For this page, I really wanted to focus on that idea of God as an artist, so I created a very simple page with some die cuts and alphabet stickers to reflect that.

Day 72: Thirst For God

Have you ever been super thirsty? Just the other day, I was out mowing the lawn in the heat and by the time I finished--- whew, I was PARCHED. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a large glass of cold water. Isn't that how it should be with God? We should be so thirsty for His goodness that we cannot wait to get our hands on it. We can't get enough.

For this page, I knew right away that this fantastic clear cut with cactus and the phrase 'My soul thirsts for you'. What a beautiful message that is!

Day 73: From The Eyes of a Child

My daughter loves playing the game 'I spy'. It's our go to game when we're out and about, or even just bored at home. I loved this idea that instead of spying colors, instead taking a look around us and spying God's goodness. What a change of perspective that can provide if we only take the time to really look and thank about it... observe the world like a child.

For this page, I found this fantastic magnifying glass die cut and knew it was absolutely perfect... what better way to depict this message? A little ink and stencil background and alphabet letters finished off this simple page.

Day 74: Round of Applause

We all like to hear 'job well done', don't we? When we work hard and accomplish something great, it's nice to be appreciated. It's nice to hear a thank you. Of course, no one deserves a round of applause more than God for everything He has done and has yet to do.

For this page, I wanted very simply to say thank you.

Day 75: Remembrance Day

We all have those people in our life that have made a difference. Perhaps a teacher, a parent, a friend. Whoever they are, whatever they have done... I love the idea of taking some time to remember them and thank them... and to thank God for them. They aren't in our lives by chance after all.

For this page, I created a fun tip in with this simple message that I love... I thank God for you!

Day 76: Open-Door Policy

Okay, okay... it's no secret to anyone that I am a big Fuller House/ Candace Cameron Bure fan. So, as I was reading through this devotion, I couldn't help but hearing that common line from the show, "It's always open!" And how is amazing is that message coming from God? His door is always open to us.

For this page, I found myself really wishing I had some elements that would have allowed me to play off that Fuller House theme- sadly though, I did not. So instead I went searching for a house image and instead found this birdhouse. I loved the cute colors on this oh-so-welcoming page.

Day 77: Talking To God

The most important aspect of any relationship is communication... and our relationship with God is no different. Prayer matters... it is our way of being able to talk to God directly!

For this page, I didn't start off knowing quite what I wanted to journal to be honest. So, I started searching through my die cuts and setting aside elements that related to prayer. Among them, I found these clouds and 'amen' that seemed to go oh so perfectly together. When I found this little checklist that also coordinated perfectly, I knew it was meant to be. I created this simple page with room for prayer requests with some simple die cut layering. Despite it's simplicity, this was my favorite page of the week.


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