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Thank a Veteran with a Long Distance Hug {An Easy Kids Craft} #sp

Last week, I shared some fun ways that you can say thank you to a veteran this year on Veterans Day! One such way was to get the kids involved with writing letters, drawing pictures, etc. Today, I'm sharing a fun craft that your little one's can make to send to a service member overseas!

A Long Distance Hug Craft

  • Construction Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  1. First up, trace your little one's hand onto the construction paper and cut out! You will need two hand prints for this project.
  2. Next, get your ribbon ready. The idea of this craft is that it should be big enough to wrap around whomever you're sending it to- a hug when you cannot be there physically, so keep that in mind with the length of your ribbon!
  3. Glue one hand onto each end of the ribbon.
  4. Write a message onto the hands- a simple thank you, or a more personalized message if sending to someone you know!
  5. Fold up the ribbon and mail to the service member you choose!

Isn't that fun? It is a great way to remind loved ones overseas that they are being thought of, and to get kids involved in giving thanks to those fighting overseas! It's a simple gesture that can go a long way! (And while today's post IS all about veterans, this could still make a great activity for ANY child who has a loved one far away for any reason!)

Want more ways to thank a veteran? Don't forget to head to your local Great Clips on Veterans Day! When you get a haircut yourself, you'll get a FREE haircut card to give the veteran of your choice! And any retired or active duty military member who goes in on Veterans Day will be given a FREE haircut as well! Find out more about this great promotion here, and find your nearest Great Clips location!

What other ways do you teach your little ones to give thanks to the military?


  1. Veterans day is very important, this is helpful to teach kids about its meaning.

  2. This is wonderful. I found your blog through out campaign and this is such a great idea. If I have little ones I think I'm going to keep this in mind!

  3. This is a fabulous idea!!! So easy and a great way to say thanks you.

  4. Love this so much!! It really is the small things that can mean so much!!

  5. This is a really cute idea to do with my son!


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