A Modern Day Fairy Tale: May 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye Preschool...Hello Kindergarten!!!

That's right after three years of preschool, my little man is finally finished and moving on to Kindergarten next year!! It's bittersweet, but I truly pray that this will be a much needed change for him that will help him thrive! Here's a quick look back at his time in preschool!

First Day of School 2010.
My little man, at 3 years old on his very first day of preschool! Look how little he looks! This was such a scary day for Mommy...it was his first time EVER being away from Mommy!! On top of that, at this point in time he also had no communication at all so this mommy worried how he would handle it all. It was only after the reassurance from a friend who also had a child in this class, and whom was also very protective that I agreed to send him. Thankfully, he LOVED it and really thrived at this school. He was in an ABA based classroom specifically for children on the spectrum. To this day, he still loves and misses his teacher and the aides in this class, as does Mommy. This class made one of the biggest differences in his progress and I could not be happier that I made the decision to send him, despite those initial worries!

First Day of School 2011.  
He started school in the same class he'd been in the year before and again thrived there. Towards the end of the year we made the move from California to Indiana and things went downhill from there. He was placed in an inclusion classroom, much larger than the small class he was used to. Needless to say, it did not work out for him AT ALL...thankfully, he was only in this class for a little over a month before summer break!!

First Day of School 2012.
This year, Shaun was placed back in a special education only preschool class. While most children his age moved onto Kindergarten this year, Indiana has different cutoffs than most states and he was too young. Actually, because the cutoff was August 1 and his birthday August 4, we were told that we COULD move him onto Kindergarten, but he'd have been the youngest in his class...not good for a kid who is already behind socially! He also would have likely been placed in a life skills class because of the issues they'd had in the inclusion class the year before. So, despite his academic readiness, we opted for one final year of preschool for him. And let me just tell you, it was a ROUGH year for him. He just absolutely, positively HATED this school with a passion...to the point that this mommy seriously considered pulling him out early.

Last Day of Preschool 2013.
But we stuck with it, and we all survived! It took numerous calls to the principal's office, a suspension and tears all around...but we MADE it! He's officially out of there! Next year means a new school, new teacher and hopefully a fresh start!! He will still be in a special education only class, but will be held to the same academic standards as his typically developing peers. In fact, his teacher for next year has assured me that they will give him more advanced work to keep him challenged and from being bored since he has already surpassed many of the academic skills learned in kindergarten. We still have a long road ahead of us, I know but I am looking forward to this fresh start and pray that his new school will be a better fit and we will once again see him thrive...but for now, I am beyond thrilled to have my little man home with me for the summer to enjoy our last few months together as my one and only before baby sister arrives!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Green Your Summer With Woolzies Dryer Balls {Review} CLOSED

Welcome to the Green Your Summer Event!  The Blogging Mamas Network has come together with like-minded bloggers to make sure your grass isn't all that is green this Summer!

Each blogger in the Event is bringing readers a great green prize to win.  You have until June 13th to enter, so be sure to hop around to them all and find great eco-friendly products to help you go green! 
While you're hopping, be sure to enter the TWO Grand Prizes for to Green Your Summer for Mom and Baby!  You'll find prizes including a Lunette Menstrual Cup, Amber Necklace and Bracelet Set, a Merino Wool Sleepsack, re-usable Snack Pouches, and earth-friendly Vinyl Wall Decals from Walls Need Love! 


For my giveaway here at A Modern Day Fairy Tale, I was sent a box of Woolzies Dryer Balls to review, and one lucky reader will also be winning a box of their very own! If you follow a lot of green living/cloth diapering blogs, you've likely seen a lot about Woolzies Dryer Balls around the blog world. I know I personally had and was dying to try them myself, so I was beyond thrilled when Woolzies agreed to this review/giveaway!

So what are Woolzies? What's so great about them? Simply put, they are wool balls that you toss in your dryer to replace liquid softener or dryer sheets. They contain none of the harsh chemicals that typical fabric softeners contain, making them not only better for the environment but for us too, not causing allergic reactions as many experience with typical softeners. If you already use dryer balls made of plastic, rubber, etc...these can also release harsh chemicals such as PVCs into your laundry as well. Not to mention they can cause damage to your dryer's electronic sensors and even melt slightly and cause staining! No thank you!

But, it's not just the environmental and health benefits that attracted me to Woolzies...they also save money! We're a single income military family and on a tight budget, and let's face it laundry products can get ridiculously expensive! A box of Woolzies (containing 6 balls) costs just $35 and is guaranteed to last 1000 loads!! I won't do the math for you, but it's certainly a much more cost effective option! On top of that, they reduce drying time! Less time in the dryer means less money out of your pocket when it comes to your gas or electric bill!

Another factor for us was that they are cloth diaper friendly. When baby #2 arrives, we plan to cloth diaper her and as you may know fabric softener is a big no no with cloth diapers. It can build up in fabrics and reduce absorbency.  This is not exclusive to cloth diapers either- towels, etc can also be affected- but it's definitely not an issue you want to deal with when it comes to diapers! You want maximum absorbency, right? Because Woolzies contain no softeners or chemicals, they are completely safe to use with your cloth diapers...and won't cause build up in your dryer like the dryer sheets if used with your regular loads as well.

Sounds great so far, right? But did they really work? YES! I've done several loads already using our dryer balls and have not noticed any difference from loads using fabric softeners. (Aside from scent, but that's truly better anyway...plus there is a tip to apply a drop of essential oil to the balls for added scent if truly desired...still environmental and health friendly!!) They were soft, no static...perfect! And they certainly seemed to take less time as well, allowing me to get my laundry done much quicker!!

I was a bit concerned about the noise factor beforehand. We don't have a separate laundry room so our washer and dryer are basically in a little closet open to the kitchen...no doors to shut to block the noise. But in regular sized loads, you couldn't hear them at all...unlike tennis balls or plastic dryer balls on the market! The first load I did however was a little noisy...but it was my hand wash/ultra delicate load with all of three articles of clothing and I used all 6 balls...in retrospect I could have used half I'm sure...but even then it wasn't overly loud, just a soft thump in the background...enough to hear it, but not enough to drive you crazy!

Overall, I'm extremely happy with Woolzies! I'll be the first to admit that I'm usually a fabric softener junkie (I like my clothes to smell nice)...but not anymore! I'm officially a wool dryer ball convert! They save money, time and are better for my family AND the environment! What's not to love!?

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

InstaLately {5/29}

My boy and me...this boy is my everything!! I'm so incredibly blessed to have him call me Mommy!!

This is what happens when you let your 5 year old pick out his own clothes...a grey button up top and suit jacket mixed with plaid shorts and Thomas rain boots. They boy has style! A little business, a little fun- it's the best of both worlds! He cracks me up!!!

It wouldn't be a complete Instalately post from me without an awesome thrift find for the week! (Seriously, I may be a slight bit addicted!) This weeks wonderful find: this stool for just $3.50! I've been having troubles with painful, swelling feet which is making it hard to get my dishes, etc done so at that price I thought it would be perfect to get me off my feet and allow me to get those things done...and it even matched my house! Score!

Someone is ready for his birthday (and baby sister's arrival). He found his old Thomas calendar, hung it up to August and excitedly announced to me that it was now August!! Oh sweet child, if only it truly worked that way! It'll be here before we know it anyway!!

This is how I wake up every morning...with just a tiny sliver of bed! It's a good thing I'm small...but seriously, I could use just a little more room. I usually end up halfway down the bed just to avoid getting pushed off...perhaps its not the little one in my tummy causing the sleep issues, huh?

Did I mention I love this boy? Isn't he handsome!?

My view at 27 weeks...well, I USED to have toes!!

Preparing For Baby with Bixby Basil Boppy Covers {Review}

When it comes to finding cute, unique baby items Etsy is the place to go! There are so many wonderful shops featuring adorable handmade items for your little ones. Today, I am excited to share one of those shops with you- Bixby Basil. Bixby Basil is a fun little shop featuring baby items like boppy covers, blankets, wash and burp clothes...not to mention lots of great non baby related items as well!

For this review, Bixby Basil kindly sent me the Pink Lattice Baby Girl Boppy Cover.

First of all, let me start by saying that for us, our Boppy Pillow was one of the most used baby items we had for our son as a baby! When we weren't using it for nursing, he could often be found lounging in it and when he got a little older and was beginning to sit up, it was perfect for some added support. Needless to say, that beloved Boppy Pillow showed up in a TON of Shaun's baby pictures. For him, we just stuck with the cover that came with it- it was cute enough of course, but definitely got a little boring...and not at all unique! With baby #2, I knew that I wanted something a little more fun. After all, if it's going to be seen in picture after picture after picture...it might as well be cute, right? This is what drew me to Bixby Basil! Aside from the stunning Pink Lattice pattern we received, they also offer a HUGE variety of fun, unique styles for both boys and girl...from cute to trendy- there is something to match every style!

Seriously now, how absolutely adorable is this cover? I love the fun, modern look...still super girly, but not overly baby-ish. As I've said time and again, I am a huge fan of bright colors so this was absolutely perfect for our baby girl! But of course, it's not just all about the look...The quality was also wonderful! These covers are handmade and done so absolutely beautifully. They are made to fit the Bare Naked Boppy Pillow, and do so perfectly. If I didn't know otherwise, I'd have never guessed that it was created by an outside vendor. The covers have an overlapping envelope enclosure in the back, unlike the zipper closure that my Boppy brand cover has. To be honest, I was a little worried that this feature would make it difficult to change out with its smaller opening and the pillows odd shape. I will say it took perhaps a bit more effort than my other cover, but was not difficult in the least...so don't let the idea of stuffing your pillow scare you away! The unique prints are certainly worth the tiny bit of extra effort. I also personally found this type of enclosure to be much more visually appealing than the other!!

Overall, I absolutely LOVE our cover. In fact, I love it so much that I have a few others from the shop on my registry (after all, it's good to have extras should you need one washed...we all know babies are great at making messes!!). If you're looking for a cute cover for your Boppy and the ones they offer just aren't doing anything for you...Bixby Basil is the place to go!! And if you're not expecting or don't have a little one, Bixby Basil still has a ton of non-baby items to offer as well- pillow covers, washi tape, jewelry...truly, a little something for everyone!! And from now until June 30th, you can get 10% off your order with the code JUNE10!!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Greener Teething Options with BunBunBaby Wooden Teething Rings {Preparing for Baby Review}

For today's Preparing For Baby review, I am excited to share another wonderful Etsy shop with all of you- BunBunBaby- a shop that offers unique handmade baby goodies like blankets, pacifier clips, stuffed toys, teething rings, burp cloths and security blankets! For this review, BunBunBaby sent me one of their adorable wooden teething rings.

If you're like me, you might be thinking- WOOD teething rings? Honestly, I'd never heard of such a thing until very recently, but upon doing a little more research it made sense. More and more we hear of harsh and dangerous chemicals being found in many plastic toys- BPA, PVCs...it's enough to make your head spin!! When we think of how all these toys- teething or otherwise- seem to end up in our little ones' mouths...is it any wonder that many parents are looking for more natural, green options? These wooden teething rings are the perfect solution. They are made with all natural maple hardwood and have no chemicals or treatments added. They are then brushed with organic natural beeswax and olive oil...this seals the wood and prevents it from splintering. This makes them a great natural, safe alternative to typical teething toys for those parents wanting to avoid plastics and live a little more green.

But besides being eco-friendly, these wood teething rings from BunBunBaby are also ridiculously cute! A plain old wood ring could get a little boring, but these rings also have cotton bunny ears attached. This makes them easier for baby to hang onto, and also adds a lot of visual interest as well. (Plus, I know personally my little man loved chewing on fabric!) And these bunny ears can easily be removed for washing as well. I received the brown and pink paisley pattern but they offer several other cute options as well. I love these so much more than any teething toy I've ever seen! The size is perfect for little hands as well. With my son, he started teething really early at about three months (although now I question that this might have actually been oral sensory issues since he didn't actually get his first tooth until seven months and at almost six years old is still a chewer- but that's a completely topic altogether!). At that age, we had a very difficult time finding teething toys that he could hold well, or that weren't huge in his mouth...it took a ton of searching to find one that kind of worked for him...I can see this teething ring working absolutely perfectly for those smaller teething babies...I only wish I'd had one when my little man needed it too!! I can see this becoming our go to teether once baby arrives and needs it!!

Easy to remove cotton fabric bunny ears make it easy to clean!

And at $12, these make a unique inexpensive shower gift for that eco-friendly, fashion forward mommy in your life! But, as I stated earlier- this is not the only wonderful product that BunBunBaby has to offer! From baby blankets to pacifier clips to burp clothes and more, they offer a large variety of modern, fun styles for the trendy mom in your life. I love how the prints offered are super cute, without being overly baby-ish too! I also adore their pillows and stuffed animals- a perfect addition to any nursery- so cute!! Truly, there is a little something for everyone!

You can check out BunBunBaby for yourself at the links below:

Disclosure: I received the above product in exchange for this honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Brief Memorial Day Message

As we enjoy the festivities of this Memorial Day weekend- the race, the parades, the cookouts...let us all also take a moment to remember what this day is all about- remembering those military members who have given the ultimate sacrifice to fight for our freedom. Let us also take a moment to remember the families who never got their homecomings, those injured in the line of duty and all those who made it home safely but were willing to risk it all for our country. Perhaps as a Marine wife, I am biased when I say- we are truly blessed to have the most wonderful military in this country and I thank all service members past and present for their sacrifices.

"There have only been two defining forces in the world willing to die for you: Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. Jesus died for your soul and the American Soldier died for your freedom."

I hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

27 Weeks.

How far along? 27 Weeks

Baby's size: Rutabaga (1.5-2.5 pounds)

Maternity clothes: A mix. Most of my non maternity tops are starting to get shorter than I'd prefer, and pants/shorts at this point are all pretty well maternity. I still have several non maternity dresses that are working just perfectly (so long as the weather would STAY warm!). The top I'm wearing above is actually a non maternity top that I stumbled on at the thrift store for 99 cents (seriously, that whole outfit cost $5!). It's a style that is loose in the stomach area anyway and a size medium- where I'm usually an xsmall/small so it seems to work quite nicely with the belly!

Best moment this week: Our newborn cloth diapers arrived!! This means only a few *must have* items left to get (still several wants, but at least the important things are covered!) We will have to buy a lot more one size diapers of course, but these should cover her for a bit until the one size fit and we can explore what brands/styles we like for that bigger investment!! I also got extremely lucky and won an infant carseat (the BabyTrend Inertia...just the one I was wanting!)...we would have gotten a car seat free from the hospital anyway- as everyone who delivers there does, but I'm happy to be getting something better and safer than that...without breaking the bank!! Very exciting!!

You know how there are some moms who say they don't want a ton of pinks- or even purples for their baby girl? Well, I'm certainly NOT one of those moms...I think about 90% of her newborn and 0-3 wardrobe is pink or purple, so we wanted to make sure her diapers coordinated too!! (The diaper on the bottom right is a one size...for comparison!)

Miss anything?  Basically the same as last week (and the week before), just being able to get anything done without being sore and exhausted!! Also, surprisingly, up until this week, I've still been able to fairly comfortably sleep on my stomach...and now, not so much...but at 27 weeks, I'm surprised I kept it up this long!!

Movement: Still a ton!! She's active like big brother!

Food cravings: Rally's Ice Cream Cones. Pickles. Slightly frozen water...I go through a TON of water!!

Food aversions: Same- Drinks- I still cannot drink anything but water or Starbucks (decaf) frappucinos. I've managed to drink orange juice a couple times, in small amounts, but that's it. No real food aversions though. 

Gender: GIRL

Labor signs: Still having more contractions, and becoming more painful at times too, but doctor still says all is looking good, so just lots of rest and water for me!!

Sleep: Still eh...definitely tired all the time, and finding it harder and harder to get comfortable at night.

Symptoms: Pain, pain...everywhere!! The past few days it's been very uncomfortable to sit without feeling like she's in my ribs...ouch! Hands and feet still swelling...particularly my right foot for some reason...but again all the tests came back just fine (including the dreaded glucose test), so rest and water (the pregnancy cure all?).

Belly button in or out? Back in...it was kind of half in/half out for a few weeks there, but now it seems to have gone back in completely...weird.

Looking forward to?  Getting everything checked off my to do list- which is slowly but surely getting done. Finishing the nursery. Baby shower. Next ultrasound (3D maybe!?) (And in non baby news, getting to have my little man home with me for the summer, taking him to Day Out With Thomas and an upcoming visit to Illinois!)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life Via Instagram {5/22}

Shaun is still getting lots of big brother practice with his 'Finley plush'. Some days he'll pay no mind to the doll at all, but others he wants to treat her just as he would his real sister...which of course means taking her to Target!! What a sweet boy I have...I'm certain he's going to make a wonderful big brother!!

Shaun learned to climb a tree this week, and he could not be happier with his accomplishment! Unfortunately, we don't personally have a good climbing tree in our own yard, so he snuck over to the neighbors' to borrow theirs...thankfully, they are super nice and understanding and didn't mind a bit. 

Why yes...I may just be a thrift store/yard sale addict...but when you find amazing deals like this, can you blame me? These clothes (about 40 pieces plus robe and swaddle blanket) cost me just $10...lots of great stuff too...mostly Carter's brands and look brand new. (A few have some minor stains, which I'll attempt to remove, but honestly at that price they're great for around the house anyway, right?) The basket was a Goodwill find...Honestly, I rarely go to our local Goodwill anymore...their selection and prices just aren't as good as my preffered thrift store, but I'm on a mission to find the little man some more overalls (his favorite thing to wear) and happened to stumble onto this big storage basket while I was there...$7...not too shabby!!

My poor boy had a rough week last week...on Tuesday, we noticed a few bug bites that just didn't look right...so after consulting with the school nurse, we took him to the doctor and got him an antibiotic creme. It was nothing serious, he'd just been over scratching and gotten them infected. Over the next few days we saw more and more spots popping up until Friday when he woke up with a rash on his face...so, back to the doctor we went! Turns out, it was impetigo...all that scratching had not only gotten the original bites infected, but spread the infection all over!! So more medicine and a few days off of school...but I'm happy to say that he is on the mend and much less itchy! Whew!

Did I mention that we chose a theme for the nursery finally? Well, to be honest, Shaun chose the theme...and now you can see his choice! He said, "Finley is a girl. Girls like princesses." And so, a princess room it is!! We picked up this adorable pink crown on sale at Hobby Lobby and Shaun picked out this wall vinyl from a lovely little Etsy shop (review/giveaway coming soon)...he's being a big help with all things baby sister! I know the princess theme isn't very original, but I'm hoping we can make it our own and I'm pretty satisfied with how its coming along so far...but still lots to do!!!

These are Shaun's favorite shoes...they're falling apart but he insists on wearing them all the time anyway!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win some gently used baby girl clothes from a blog giveaway. These are just a few of those...how adorable! Finley is going to be one stylish baby girl, that's for certain!

Shaun in his most natural state- playing trains!! Mommy adores watching him!

What do you do when you want to play wooden trains but don't have a wooden Diesel 10? You take a pipe cleaner and a couple Legos and create your own of course!! Yes, I'm pretty sure my kid is an absolute genius!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Conversations with Shaun {The Trouble With Speech Is...}

As most of you already know, one of the big, early signs of Autism is delays in speech. For some, that means they are completely nonverbal. For others, like my son the words are there, but aren't functional and conversations are a struggle. While most typically developing kids naturally learn to carry on conversations on their own, kids with Autism often need to be taught.

For Shaun, that meant teaching him how to respond to specific questions when asked by modeling the response. For example, we would ask him, "How old are you?" and then tell him how to answer, "I'm five"...and he would repeat that back. Of course these were questions to which there was only one correct answer, but the idea was that eventually he would learn to answer other questions, such as "What's your favorite food?" on his own. And after some time, it really worked...he started answering those learned questions without the prompt, and eventually did learn to answer more questions independently. (Though it's still something we work on...)

So, then why the title of this post? While this little trick worked well for him, he also picked up on the pattern- ask a question, tell them how to respond. So lately, our conversations have gone a little like this:

Shaun: Mommy, say 'what happened?'
Mommy: What happened?
Shaun: Well, you see there was this Marine bullying me... Now say, 'Daddy, stop bullying Shaun.'
Mommy: Daddy, stop bullying Shaun.
Shaun: He did it on purpose.

(For the record, Daddy was not bullying Shaun- one of his favorite Thomas youtube videos lately has been about bullying. He's also been throwing around the phrase, 'they did it on purpose' frequently as well. I'm not certain where he picked that up, but if he trips, the floor did it on purpose and I am to yell at the floor...silly kid!)

Or another example:

Shaun: Mommy, I want a new Thomas train.
Mommy: No, not today.
Shaun: Don't say no. Say 'sure'.

These are just a couple of examples that we hear fairly frequently, but truly he will use this in any conversation! After all, that's how he was taught, right? It's absolutely adorable...though not so good at the same time. Still despite his struggles, I am still completely astounded at how far he has truly come since day one on this journey. So, it is something we continue to work on with him, and I know one day soon, he'll figure it out and conversations will be much more natural...we just have to be more careful about how we teach him.

Ah, life with Autism- you never know quite what to expect!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Lucy Darling Review

Time for another Preparing for Baby review and giveaway! For today's review, I was sent some onesie stickers from an adorable little Etsy shop, Lucy Darling, in exchange for this review!!

When my son was a baby, I did not do a great job capturing month to month pictures. Don't get me wrong, I took an abundance of photos of him during his first year of life- just nothing to specifically document his month to month progress. Perhaps this was because we didn't have a great camera, but honestly the thought never occured to me until a few years later when I started seeing all the adorable milestone photo ideas on Pinterest and various blogs. When I became pregnant with baby #2, I knew this was something I definitely wanted to do a better job at doing. There are a lot of great ideas out there, but a cute and easy way to do this is with onesie stickers! There are a lot of companies out there who offer these types of things, but in my search the most adorable I found were hands down from Lucy Darling. They offer a TON of various styles for both boys and girls that are trendy and cute! For this review, I received these girly lace monthly onesie stickers (plus a bonus newborn sticker as well).

Let me start by saying that I absolutely adore anything super girly and lacey...so these were beyond perfect for our baby girl! How pretty are they!? I loved the variety of colors as well...I figure we can mix them up with fun legwarmers or headbands each month to keep them fresh and new...adorable!

In addition to the monthly onesie stickers, Lucy Darling also offers milestone, first holiday and birthday and even pregnancy stickers! They were kind enough to include these lovely milestone stickers for me to review as well.

You can't see well in this picture, but these have a gray chevron print in the letters...and I'm sure I've mentioned before my love of all things chevron!! Cute! I love this idea of taking a photo to document these important milestones rather than just writing it down. How fun- and especially great for all those mommies like myself who are addicted to sharing such things via instagram or Facebook!

So how do they work?

Easy! All you need is a plain onesie...peel off the sticker when you're ready to use and stick it on! That's it, these aren't iron on...no heat or any special instructions required..just peel, stick and snap your pictures. The stickers are high quality stickers, not flimsy or easy to rip in the least. The colors are stunning, the designs are fun...and most importantly, they're extremely affordable...just $12 for a set of 12. You can generally pick up plain white onesies for fairly cheap as well...I bought this one for $1 at Once Upon A Child, but if you check yard sales I'm sure you can find them even cheaper. Still, at $1 for the onesie and $1 each month for the sticker, you're looking at $2 or less each month (and that's assuming you buy a new onesie each month). Not bad at all for a fun way to document your baby's growth! And once the photo is done, you can remove the sticker and have the onesie for the next month or milestone, or whatever else you might need a plain onesie for!!

So, if you're looking for a fun, inexpensive way to document your little one's monthly photos- I highly recommend looking into Lucy Darling's onesie stickers. They are truly the cutest...I love ours and cannot wait until our baby girl is here to use them!

Want to see more from Lucy Darling? Check out the links below:

Visit Lucy Darling on Etsy
Like Lucy Darling on Facebook
Follow Lucy Darling on Twitter

If you're looking for fun, trendy nursery decor, you can also check out the Lucy Darling Prints shop!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

26 Weeks.

How far along?
 26 Weeks

Baby's size: Head of Lettuce (1.5-2.5 pounds)

Maternity clothes: Still a bit of a mix...really loving my maxi dresses right now as it's starting to get hot out!!

Best moment this week: Getting more work done on the nursery. Attending a cloth diapering class. Getting our newborn cloth diapers ordered...we'll still need to get a lot of one size (which makes up the bulk of our registry), but we're at least covered for a bit!! More great weekend yard sale finds.

40 pieces of clothing, 1 robe and Kiddopotomas swaddle blanket- just $10!!
Yay for yard sales!!!

Miss anything?  Basically the same as last week, just being able to get anything done without being sore and exhausted!!

Movement: Still lots...I think she's practicing to be a gymnast in there!

Food cravings: Nothing new really...fried pickles, Rally's ice cream cones, slightly frozen/slushy water.

Food aversions: Same- Drinks- I still cannot drink anything but water or Starbucks (decaf) frappucinos. I've managed to drink orange juice a couple times, in small amounts, but that's it. No real food aversions though. 

Gender: GIRL

Labor signs: Been having a bit more contractions over the last few days, not sure if its the heat or if I just need to rest even more, but still trying to take it as easy as possible...again, nothing super regular or worrisome at this point...keeping a close eye out until my next appointment on Wednesday.

Sleep: Still eh...definitely tired all the time, and finding it harder and harder to get comfortable at night.

Symptoms: Again not much change- Back/hip/leg pains. Sore and slightly swollen feet (and hands too), which seems to have gotten worse this past week- due to heat, I hope. Having to pee ALL the time (but then that could be all that water I'm drinking as well!). Just general exhaustion.

Belly button in or out? Not quite out, but not quite in either...it seems to change from day to day as well depending on how she's positioned I think!

Looking forward to? Appointment on Wednesday (though that also means the dreaded glucose test which I don't look forward to at all...yuck!). Getting everything checked off my to do list. Finishing the nursery. Baby shower. Next ultrasound (3D!?)

(Psst...if you love the dress I'm wearing in this week's photo, it's another great buy from Pink Blush Maternity...make sure to enter my giveaway for a $25 Gift Certificate!!!)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Flashback Friday {Baby Shaun}

Shaun absolutely loves looking at his baby pictures. He'll randomly get his baby album out and go through each one over and over...this is how he has discovered things such as babies need a Fisher Price swing and love their Boppy! It's adorable. Since finding out he had a baby sister on the way, he's loved looking at them even more!! He says baby sister will look like him...we can only hope to be blessed with another ridiculously adorable baby, that's for sure! Today, I thought I'd share a few of our favorites from the first few months of his life with all of you! Enjoy!

One of our very first photos...so adorable!

This still remains one of my all time favorite photos of Shaun...taken when he was just a few weeks old, and already quite the charmer!

Seriously, those eyes!

Shaun and Mommy

Honestly, the majority of our baby pictures feature the Boppy...he used it ALL. THE. TIME.


This particular picture is Shaun's absolute favorite (or perhaps tied with his just born, naked baby photo!). Just after this was taken, Shaun had a poopsplosion all over daddy! (I'm sure those that have breastfed know exactly the kind I'm talking about!) Shaun has heard this story, and thinks it is absolutely hilarious!! He cannot wait for baby sister to poo on daddy too!!