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Life Via Instagram {5/22}

Shaun is still getting lots of big brother practice with his 'Finley plush'. Some days he'll pay no mind to the doll at all, but others he wants to treat her just as he would his real sister...which of course means taking her to Target!! What a sweet boy I have...I'm certain he's going to make a wonderful big brother!!

Shaun learned to climb a tree this week, and he could not be happier with his accomplishment! Unfortunately, we don't personally have a good climbing tree in our own yard, so he snuck over to the neighbors' to borrow theirs...thankfully, they are super nice and understanding and didn't mind a bit. 

Why yes...I may just be a thrift store/yard sale addict...but when you find amazing deals like this, can you blame me? These clothes (about 40 pieces plus robe and swaddle blanket) cost me just $10...lots of great stuff too...mostly Carter's brands and look brand new. (A few have some minor stains, which I'll attempt to remove, but honestly at that price they're great for around the house anyway, right?) The basket was a Goodwill find...Honestly, I rarely go to our local Goodwill anymore...their selection and prices just aren't as good as my preffered thrift store, but I'm on a mission to find the little man some more overalls (his favorite thing to wear) and happened to stumble onto this big storage basket while I was there...$7...not too shabby!!

My poor boy had a rough week last week...on Tuesday, we noticed a few bug bites that just didn't look right...so after consulting with the school nurse, we took him to the doctor and got him an antibiotic creme. It was nothing serious, he'd just been over scratching and gotten them infected. Over the next few days we saw more and more spots popping up until Friday when he woke up with a rash on his face...so, back to the doctor we went! Turns out, it was impetigo...all that scratching had not only gotten the original bites infected, but spread the infection all over!! So more medicine and a few days off of school...but I'm happy to say that he is on the mend and much less itchy! Whew!

Did I mention that we chose a theme for the nursery finally? Well, to be honest, Shaun chose the theme...and now you can see his choice! He said, "Finley is a girl. Girls like princesses." And so, a princess room it is!! We picked up this adorable pink crown on sale at Hobby Lobby and Shaun picked out this wall vinyl from a lovely little Etsy shop (review/giveaway coming soon)...he's being a big help with all things baby sister! I know the princess theme isn't very original, but I'm hoping we can make it our own and I'm pretty satisfied with how its coming along so far...but still lots to do!!!

These are Shaun's favorite shoes...they're falling apart but he insists on wearing them all the time anyway!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win some gently used baby girl clothes from a blog giveaway. These are just a few of those...how adorable! Finley is going to be one stylish baby girl, that's for certain!

Shaun in his most natural state- playing trains!! Mommy adores watching him!

What do you do when you want to play wooden trains but don't have a wooden Diesel 10? You take a pipe cleaner and a couple Legos and create your own of course!! Yes, I'm pretty sure my kid is an absolute genius!!


  1. what kind of phone do you have? The pics look really good! mine always come out grainy.


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