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Flashback Friday {Baby Shaun}

Shaun absolutely loves looking at his baby pictures. He'll randomly get his baby album out and go through each one over and over...this is how he has discovered things such as babies need a Fisher Price swing and love their Boppy! It's adorable. Since finding out he had a baby sister on the way, he's loved looking at them even more!! He says baby sister will look like him...we can only hope to be blessed with another ridiculously adorable baby, that's for sure! Today, I thought I'd share a few of our favorites from the first few months of his life with all of you! Enjoy!

One of our very first photos...so adorable!

This still remains one of my all time favorite photos of Shaun...taken when he was just a few weeks old, and already quite the charmer!

Seriously, those eyes!

Shaun and Mommy

Honestly, the majority of our baby pictures feature the Boppy...he used it ALL. THE. TIME.


This particular picture is Shaun's absolute favorite (or perhaps tied with his just born, naked baby photo!). Just after this was taken, Shaun had a poopsplosion all over daddy! (I'm sure those that have breastfed know exactly the kind I'm talking about!) Shaun has heard this story, and thinks it is absolutely hilarious!! He cannot wait for baby sister to poo on daddy too!!


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