Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Greener Teething Options with BunBunBaby Wooden Teething Rings {Preparing for Baby Review}

For today's Preparing For Baby review, I am excited to share another wonderful Etsy shop with all of you- BunBunBaby- a shop that offers unique handmade baby goodies like blankets, pacifier clips, stuffed toys, teething rings, burp cloths and security blankets! For this review, BunBunBaby sent me one of their adorable wooden teething rings.

If you're like me, you might be thinking- WOOD teething rings? Honestly, I'd never heard of such a thing until very recently, but upon doing a little more research it made sense. More and more we hear of harsh and dangerous chemicals being found in many plastic toys- BPA, PVCs...it's enough to make your head spin!! When we think of how all these toys- teething or otherwise- seem to end up in our little ones' mouths...is it any wonder that many parents are looking for more natural, green options? These wooden teething rings are the perfect solution. They are made with all natural maple hardwood and have no chemicals or treatments added. They are then brushed with organic natural beeswax and olive oil...this seals the wood and prevents it from splintering. This makes them a great natural, safe alternative to typical teething toys for those parents wanting to avoid plastics and live a little more green.

But besides being eco-friendly, these wood teething rings from BunBunBaby are also ridiculously cute! A plain old wood ring could get a little boring, but these rings also have cotton bunny ears attached. This makes them easier for baby to hang onto, and also adds a lot of visual interest as well. (Plus, I know personally my little man loved chewing on fabric!) And these bunny ears can easily be removed for washing as well. I received the brown and pink paisley pattern but they offer several other cute options as well. I love these so much more than any teething toy I've ever seen! The size is perfect for little hands as well. With my son, he started teething really early at about three months (although now I question that this might have actually been oral sensory issues since he didn't actually get his first tooth until seven months and at almost six years old is still a chewer- but that's a completely topic altogether!). At that age, we had a very difficult time finding teething toys that he could hold well, or that weren't huge in his mouth...it took a ton of searching to find one that kind of worked for him...I can see this teething ring working absolutely perfectly for those smaller teething babies...I only wish I'd had one when my little man needed it too!! I can see this becoming our go to teether once baby arrives and needs it!!

Easy to remove cotton fabric bunny ears make it easy to clean!

And at $12, these make a unique inexpensive shower gift for that eco-friendly, fashion forward mommy in your life! But, as I stated earlier- this is not the only wonderful product that BunBunBaby has to offer! From baby blankets to pacifier clips to burp clothes and more, they offer a large variety of modern, fun styles for the trendy mom in your life. I love how the prints offered are super cute, without being overly baby-ish too! I also adore their pillows and stuffed animals- a perfect addition to any nursery- so cute!! Truly, there is a little something for everyone!

You can check out BunBunBaby for yourself at the links below:

Disclosure: I received the above product in exchange for this honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!


  1. Oh wow -- I love this!! Both of my kids are a little older now [1 & 3] so out of the teething stage, but a friend of mine is expecting, and trying to go as green as possible! This will be great!! Thanks!

  2. What a great idea! Not only is it cute, but I love that it is a grenn alternative to other teething items!

  3. You know, once you really think about wooden teething rings, it DOES make sense! Sadly I don't trust any sort of plastic anymore when it comes to food, drink and anything that goes in or around your mouth. It's just so scary hearing horror stories of chemicals making people sick o.O

    Someone was definitely thinking when they came up with this concept! :)

  4. I really love all of the great things being made for babies and small children that are made out of wood. Plastic has gotten downright scary and massively troubling when looking for the best things for baby while always keeping their health in mind. That wooden teething ring looks really great and is more affordable than a lot of wooden accessories and toys I have seen.

  5. My sister would love this for her little girl!

  6. I'm dying to get one of those wooden teething rings!

  7. Love these - too cute, and look perfect for a teething baby! Hate the idea of my baby chewing on plastic.. eek!


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