A Modern Day Fairy Tale: August 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Change {5 Minute Friday}

I am joining in once again this week with The Gypsy Mama for 5 Minute Friday, the linkup where you write about that weeks subject for just 5 minutes. No over thinking, no going back and editing...just writing for five minutes, that's it. It's an interesting thing, because you truly never know where your post is going to end up.

So here we go...this weeks topic:



As a mom to a child with Autism, I've come to dread change. Perhaps not the little things as much, but the big things for sure. Change is not good in this household...but you know what they say, change is inevitable. And being a military family, it's even more inevitable. Deployments, duties, moving. (Even as I type this, we planned on being on the road to Illinois for the weekend already and my hubby is still at work- Semper Gumby. Always Flexible.) As some of you may know, earlier in the year we made the biggest change in our married life. We moved from California, where my little man had lived his entire life (minus 6 months when he was just a baby while daddy deployed!) to Indiana. Talk about changing! My little man left the home he knew, the friends he loved and the school/teacher he had been with for two years already. (Not to mention his beloved therapists!) He returned to school soon after arriving at our new home, and he was not a fan. He moved from an ABA based Autism only classroom, with few children, to an inclusion class of 20. To say it didn't go well was a complete and total understatement. So when it came time to find a placement for this school year, he was moved back to a special education only classroom. More change. Though this change will be better in the long run, at the moment, it's still an adjustment...and it shows in his behaviors! More aggression. More meltdowns. More heartache.


Okay, I really have more to say on the subject of change and the move/school/meltdown situation, but my five minutes were up for today, so I'll come back to this subject on another day! (Besides the hubby really should be home and we'll be hitting the road soon!) For now I'll just end this on a positive note with a favorite verse I turn to often in this time of change:

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.- Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday (8/29)

Do you ever notice that when you take the time to put an outfit together, rather than just throw whatever on you tend to feel better? I know this is certainly true for me- I always feel a little more productive and confident when I think I look decent. I've been in a rather blah mood as of late, between the feeling sick (Shaun and I both) and meltdowns and well, just life in general...but I've been trying to make more of an effort when I can. It truly does help put me in a better mood...most days! This week, I'm going to share a few outfits from this week. Now, I'm not a fashion blogger, and not nearly fashionable to ever be one, but I try to create nice outfits with what I have anyway.

Dress: Shabby Apple
Belt: I have no idea!
If you ever have an occasion where you need to buy a new, cute dress...Shabby Apple is the way to go! I think this is one of my favorite from there too...I love the fit, the color...everything! This was what I wore today running errands...not only was it super cute, it was also very comfortable! (I'm also wearing my Lilla Rose Flexi Clips in my hair, though you can't see them!)

Shirt and Necklace: Not sure where they're from...I think just some random brands.
Jeans: Aeropostale Skinny Jeans
'Belt': This is actually one of the Thirty-One Varsity Scarves, but I thought it made a wonderful, fun belt too!

Shirt: Another random brand, nothing fancy!
Jacket: Old Navy (This was actually my first Plato's Closet purchase after we moved here! I fell in love with it in the window display, though I'm still lacking inspiration on what to wear it with!)
Scarf: Shabby Apple (Seriously, the best scarf EVER!)
Jeans: Banana Republic Skinny Jeans (I think I have a skinny jean addiction!)
(And yes, that IS a new iPhone 4S...we had to switch cell providers because my phone only had signal in our house half the time-and we don't have a landline- so new phones for us! I'm loving the much better camera on this one! Yay!)

Shirt: American Eagle (I love this shirt so much I own it in pink as well!)
Leggings: Wal-Mart
Leg Warmers: Not sure the brand, but I found them at Plato's Closet! (And I LOVE them!)
This was a lazy, around the house day...really nothing photo worthy, but I REALLY love my leg warmers!

pleated poppy

(P.S. If you like the Shabby Apple pieces I'm wearing above-or any of the other AMAZING dresses on their site- be sure to click on the link above...The Pleated Poppy is hosting a $100 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway! How fitting that two of my outfits this week have something from there!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello Fall!! {First Craft of the Season}

As you all probably know by now, I'm so ready for Fall! So ready in fact, that I decided to go ahead and get started on Fall crafts...I've not done anything crafty for awhile anyway, so I needed an excuse. I'd had the idea last year to make a 'candy corn frame'...I like simple crafts because frankly, I don't have the talent to paint any sort of details, and it doesn't get much simpler than this...with the help of painters tape for even lines anyway! I'm still contemplating sanding the edges a bit to give it a more primitive/weathered type look...what do you think?

Like I said...simple! But simple can still be super cute right? I'm looking forward to more Fall crafts (and food and clothes...and well, we've been through this before, haven't we!?)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Toy Story 'In Real Life'

When it comes to movies (and games), Shaun has an amazing memory! He memorizes full scenes...and in some cases, full movies. A few nights back he recited the entire Bedtime for Frances DVD for me, start to finish with every little sound! With his favorites, he even likes to recreate them 'in real life'.

A few days ago (as I might have mentioned briefly), Daddy made Shaun watch the first Toy Story movie. He'd been watching the 3rd one every day, but like all other Pixar movies, refused to watch the other two. We're not sure what it is about Pixar movies that freaks him out, but he is certainly not a fan! (Though he does love the intro as well...hence his new lamp friend!) Anyway, after watching it that once he refused to watch it again...but apparently, some scenes still stuck with him...imagine our surprise when Shaun walked through the living room carrying a roll of duct tape, Buzz Lightyear and a little rocket toy from the Dollar Tree. Both being fans of the movie and knowing how Shaun's mind works at times, we knew exactly where this was going!! He was going to attempt to make Buzz fly. Perhaps forcing him to watch it was not the best idea!? At least this rocket didn't require a flame as it did in the movie, right?

Needless to say, I'm pretty sure my child is a genius...though it remains to be seen if he will use that genius for good...or for sending poor defenseless toys into outer space!

Disclaimer: No toys were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Friday, August 24, 2012

InstaFriday (8/24)

Though I don't use it as often as I could/should, I love Instagram! I'm really not sure why I don't use it more than I do- perhaps because I still have an old iPhone 3 and the camera is just not that great! Or maybe it's because I don't leave the house much and life has for the most part been pretty boring lately! Either way, I suppose it doesn't really matter! Here are a few pics from the last week (and a few from the week before too!)

Me yesterday on my 25th Birthday! I was excited about my new Shabby Apple scarf that had just come in the mail the day before! Isn't it gorgeous!? (I'd share the link, but unfortunately, it looks like it's no longer available!)
I wish I could say we did something super exciting, but really we did everything and nothing at all. We actually had the car all week (we are a one car/one motorcycle family...and the hubby can't always ride the motorcycle, unfortunately!) so we went everywhere we could, just to avoid being home! Plato's Closet (where I surprisingly found nothing I couldn't live without), Target, Wal-Mart...we even found this great store with super cheap used DVDs AND 'retro' gaming systems...you know like Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube and Gameboy...Shaun was in a little Shauny heaven...he already has a Wii and 3DS, but he desperately wants ALL the others as well. Overall, it wasn't an overly exciting day, but it wasn't the worst birthday I'd had either (though if you've had one birthday where you had to go to your great grandpa's funeral, and another just after your hubby deploys...it'd have had to been a pretty crappy day to top that!)

Meet Pixar. He is Shaun's new friend. He jumps a lot, and Shaun likes taking him everywhere. (We even had to buckle him up!) Sure, we got a few strange look, but Shaun was happy so that's all that matters right!?
The irony is that the only Pixar movie Shaun will currently watch is Toy Story 3...Daddy forced him to watch the first 2 over the weekend, and after his initial freak out he seemed to enjoy them, but refuses to watch them again. For whatever reason, Pixar movies freak him out...but he LOVES the intro! A lot! (He can personally mimic all the lamp movements as well...super adorable, but of course he refuses if I try to record it!)

Okay, I didn't find anything at Plato's Closet on my birthday, but I did find these super cute leg warmers earlier in the week (for just $2 after my military discount! woohoo!). I have another pair of gray ones as well, they are so comfy...and cute! My husband says I'm trying to single handedly bring back the 80s. Not really, I just REALLY love my leg warmers!

These is one from last week, Shaun had me drawing these for 3 days! Yikes, my hand was sore!
But before anyone believes I have even an ounce of talent, I must admit that I cheated. Haha, I found the images online and traced from my computer! But Shaun thought it was genius!

Aren't you all so lucky to get a make up free photo of me!? Yikes! But I love the expression on Shaun's face, and I love our snuggles. After the photo was taken, he told me he farted in my picture...he's such a BOY! Never a dull moment though!

I debated sharing this one here, on an otherwise lighthearted post but one of my goals with this blog is to be honest about raising a child with Autism...and unfortunately, some days, this is that reality. While Shaun is usually a happy, fun loving, sweet little boys...meltdowns are no joke!

And that's pretty much life here lately!
life rearranged

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday (8/22)

Today was a busy day, so I dressed for comfort...but who says comfortable can't still be cute. Something to know about me- I love color, and mixing bright colors. I love the contrast of this bright coral top with the bright green necklace, and I received several compliments on it today as well...

(On another note, Shaun's outfit for the day coincidentally perfectly coordinated with my own- a striped shirt nearly the exact shade of green as in the necklace...I really should have snapped a photo with him!)

Top: Bongo
Jeans: Aeropostale Skinny Jeans
(both were Plato's Closet finds!)
Necklace: Cap Creations

Never mind my crazy out of place hair, and if you could see it, the tired look on my face...as I said it was a long busy day. We had an early morning appointment this morning with a pediatric GI doctor. It was not a traumatizing as it could have been, but he still had a lot of blood work done and was not a fan of that! After that, we went to see his daddy in the office for a bit and then to Plato's Closet with the idea that Mommy could buy herself something pretty for her birthday tomorrow- but we'll just say that did not end well, and all Mommy got during that trip was a few bite marks and a headache.

pleated poppy 

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Birthday Wish List

In less than a week (August 23rd), I will be turning 25! (Which is shocking to me, I swear I just turned 18...and people still don't even believe I'm that old!) Anyway, since I shared Shaun's birthday wishlist, I thought it was only fair to share mine as well. I have actually told my husband I'd really just love a shopping spree to Plato's Closet...I know, I know, after my last big trip there you'd think I'd be pretty set but I'd love to find some Fall things- like some pretty sweaters, and scarves, and boots...maybe some jewelry as well!! But really, I'd also just be happy for the husband to have an early night or weekend off...I think I've started to forget what he looks like!! But, despite all that, there are still a few items on my list:

I love this dress from Shabby Apple. It's from their new Zoology collection, all of which is gorgeous and perfect for fall (with the addition of some cute tights and boots anyway)!! There is an orange version of this dress that is stunning as well, though I'm not sure I could pull off the color. I actually just ordered the Animalia dress from that collection...so pretty, I can't wait to get that.

Have you guys checked out Stella and Dot? They have so many gorgeous pieces that I would love to own for myself (if only my bank account agreed!) Plus, they come in really cute boxes that say things like, 'hello gorgeous'...who doesn't love that? This necklace is just one of many on my wish list...I love the color!!

And speaking of jewelry...I've been eyeing these Origami Owl Lockets for awhile now too...they have an Autism charm as well...so pretty, and unique!!

Source: dayspring.com via Randi on Pinterest

I know I've mentioned my love of Dayspring once or twice (or a thousand times!)...this is a piece from my favorite collection (Redeemed). I have several items from that collection already, but this would definitely be a welcome addition!! Not sure where I would put something like this at the moment, but believe me I'd find a spot!!

What 'Randi's Wish List' would be complete without a little Scentsy? (Because you know I'm addicted!) At the top of my list, the Silhouette warmer! The warmer itself is just a simple white warmer, but has wraps you can change out...for only $12 each! I've wanted it for awhile now, but even more so after I saw the new wraps that are coming in the new catalog...there's one with a bird (LOVE) and some great holiday ones as well...including one with a stunning nativity scene. I already have several warmers (and holiday ones as well), but it's certainly very tempting!! I'd say I'd love some new bars when the Fall catalog starts (and I REALLY do), but my husband- who never minds at all when I buy things usually, since it's rare- has told me that I should not buy any more until they stop falling out every time he opens the fridge...hmm, perhaps I should just organize them a little better so I can buy more? (Don't judge me!;))

I'm sure I could add several more things to this list if I really thought about it, but really more than anything I just want to spend the day with my boys!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


That title pretty much sums up life around here lately!

I mentioned a few weeks back that I'd not been feeling well for a few weeks...believe it or not, I'm still not feeling well! Thankfully, I have a doctor's appointment next Friday (which I made three weeks ago-the soonest they could see me! wow!) Hopefully I can get something figured out soon, and get back some energy that I seem to be lacking!

Shaun has also not been doing well. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it much, but for some time now Shaun has been dealing with some stomach issues. I won't go into too much detail, but we'll just say it's not been pleasant. He has been tested for allergies (normal), celiac (twice- both normal), and finally we tried a milk elimination diet. While I have seen milk make his troubles worse, he still seemed to be having troubles even without it...which the milk elimination diet proved to us as well. Our next step is a pediatric GI doctor, a step we were hoping to avoid, but unfortunately looks like we won't be able to any longer. I'm patiently waiting for the doctor to call me back to see where exactly we go from here. There is nothing worse than seeing your little one not feeling well, and this has gone on for entirely too long! I pray that we find out something soon. (And that perhaps once we get that issue taken care of, we might actually finally have some success with potty training, which has seemed impossible at this point!)

On top of these issues, this crazy weather seems to be giving us troubles as well. You can just call me Sneezy! Shaun's been coughing like crazy himself...what a pair we are! Oh well, it can't last forever, right?

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Lorax Bluray Combo Pack {A Review}

A few days ago, my family was lucky enough to receive a copy of Dr Seuss's new movie, The Lorax in the 2D Bluray/DVD Combo Pack to review. If you haven't yet heard of this movie, here's the official synopsis:

The imaginative world of Dr. Seuss comes to life like never before in this visually spectacular adventure from the creators of Despicable Me! Twelve-year-old Ted will do anything to find a real live Truffula Tree in order to impress the girl of his dreams. As he embarks on his journey, Ted discovers the incredible story of the Lorax, a grumpy but charming creature who speaks for the trees. Featuring the voice talents of Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Rob Riggle, Jenny Slate and Betty White, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is filled with hilarious fun for everyone!

To be honest, I didn't really think the movie sounded all that great myself. Even as a huge fan of two of the voice talents- Zac Efron and Taylor Swift- I had no real desire to rush off and watch it, but my son had been talking about it for a few months and so when I was contacted asking if I'd like to receive a copy to review, I jumped on the chance. My little guy is extremely picky, so when he actually wants to watch something new, you don't pass that chance up!! He was so excited when it arrived that we had to watch it immediately...twice!! Despite my initial skepticism, I surprisingly found myself really enjoying the movie as well! The colors are nice and bright, you can't help but watch and there are some great musical numbers throughout the movie as well. (Of course, that should have been expected with the cast!) Those two things together were enough to grab both my attention lacking son and myself!! One of my other initial thoughts upon reading the synopsis was that the story sounded quite similar to Wall-E, and while there truly were a few similarities, they are also completely different as well, and I thought The Lorax was probably more 'kid friendly'- as in more fun with the music, colors, fun characters, etc. It was a great message about how we can all make a difference in our environment, and very relevant in today's time. Overall, I loved the movie, and Shaun loved it even more. In fact, even after watching two times on that first day, he has still been asking to watch it daily!!

The movie is available in both 2D and 3D combo packs. Because we don't have a 3D TV, we opted to go with the 2D version. The Bluray includes some amazing features, such as:

    • Serenade -- Two Bar-ba-loots -- one love shy and the other suave and confident -- battle for the heart of their would-be sweetheart with the help of a colorful cast of characters, including the Humming-Fish and Swomme-Swans.
    • Wagon-HoTwo Bar-ba-loots take The Once-ler’s wagon on a ride they won’t soon forget.
    • Forces of NatureDetermined to scare The Once-ler out of Truffula Valley, The Lorax decides to create the illusion of ominous forces of nature.
  • MAKING OF THE MINI MOVIES—Go behind the scenes at Illumination Mac Guff to see the joys and challenges of continuing the characters’ stories in the dynamic format of the mini movie.
  • SEUSS TO SCREENA fascinating look into the translation of Seuss’ iconic style from book into the big feature film canvas.
  • SEUSS IT UP! A great tutorial on how to draw the Lorax, a Humming-Fish and a Bar-ba-loot in the unique Seuss style.
  • TRUFFULA RUNThe player moves left and right to avoid obstacles while attempting to pick up berries with modes for easy, medium and hard.  As difficulty increases, the player will have more obstacles to avoid. 
  • “LET IT GROW” SING ALONG— Karaoke-style sing along to the end credit version of Let It Grow.
  • ONCE-LER’S WAGON While the Once-ler is away peddling his wares, the curious forest creatures have fun with his belongings.  Users can select an item for the creatures to mimic or play with and then watch the adorable antics of all the forest friends.
  • GET OUT OF TOWN—In this game, the player must help Ted navigate through town on his scooter in order to make it to the Lerkim and meet the Once-ler.  At the end of each level, Ted must solve an obstacle puzzle to advance to the next section. There are three levels and three puzzles to complete to win the game. 
  • O’HARE TV— Watch the Lorax with hilarious commercial interruptions courtesy of O’Hare TV.
  • EXPEDITION TO TRUFFULA VALLEY—Explore and navigate within the Truffula Valley to learn more about how the characters and creatures come to life.

Now, we have not had a chance to try out ALL of these features just yet, we have watched a few- particularly the mini movies! Our favorite was Wagon-Ho, my son was literally falling on the floor laughing so hard at this one. It was great to see more of the adorable characters featured in the movie, but whom we didn't see as much of. They were also followed by an explanation of why the mini movies were created which was really neat to see as well. I'm one that likes to see all the behind scenes footage and get a better idea of how movies were made, as well as why the filmmakers did things the way they did. I'm sure I'm not completely alone in that! This bluray is packed full of these amazing features, and I look forward to checking out more (once my son lets me watch something OTHER than the movie itself!!)

If you'd like to purchase your own copy, you can do so here.

(Once again, a copy of this movie was provided to our family free in exchange for this honest review. All thoughts are my own.)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If You Really Knew Me...

By now, I'm sure most of you have seen this type of post all over the blog world...I'm not sure where it originated from (though if someone does know, please fill me in!), but thought it was an interesting idea. As bloggers, we tend to put only our best foot forward and really only share what we want to share. While I think we do get a pretty good sense of who the person behind the computer screen is, I think there's definitely a lot that we miss out on as well, so here's to getting to know each other just a little bit better!

If you really knew me...

You'd know that I am incredibly shy and socially awkward. I am sure I have mentioned before that I have severe social anxiety, though I've been told by those who know me only online that they would never have guessed that. The truth is, it's much easier for me to be open online than it is in person. In fact, there are people who know my personally that say they've never actually heard me speak!! Seriously, I was talking to a friend at my graduation rehearsal, and someone with whom I had known since preschool turned around and told me that was the first time they'd heard my voice...and it's not like I went to a school where we had hundreds of kids and you didn't know everyone either! I think I have gotten a bit better with age, though I'm still very quiet.

You'd know that I am also very short. Just under 5 foot. Naturally, if you met me, it would likely be one of the first thing you noticed!!

You'd know that I sing...often. This is one of those things where you'd likely have to know me pretty well to have heard me (see the first statement), but I have been singing since before I can remember. Talent shows, karaoke, church, choir...you name it, I've done it. My first 'job' was going from store to store at a local Easter event and singing in each store. (We didn't get paid with money, but rather gift cards donated by some of the stores in the area!)

You'd know I'm sick...often. My immune system stinks:(

You'd know I'm a little bit nerdy...or a lot nerdy, depending on who you ask I suppose. A big regret about our time in California is that I never went to Comic Con.

You'd know that I over analyze every little decision. (And you'd likely be annoyed by it!!)

You'd know that I am an extremely overprotective mommy!!

Hmmm...I cannot think of anything else at this point that I haven't already shared!! (Plus, my little man just got home from school and I want to go squeeze him!!) I hope you at least got to know me a little bit better than you did before!!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

It's Official...

I'm the mommy to a 5 year old! How on earth did that happen!? Weren't we just planning his first birthday!? Wow!! They weren't lying when they say time flies!

I have to tell you, typically I am on top of birthdays! I'll have the party decorations, menu, gifts, etc at least planned, if not bought with plenty of time to spare...but this year between my hubby's schedule (and not having the car) and not feeling well, it seemed to sneak up on me and I was completely unprepared! We made a Toys R Us trip the night before his birthday and bought the food for his party that morning!! Talk about last minute, but Shaun didn't care! He was so happy to be surrounded by friends and family (most of whom had never been to ANY of our houses before!). Plus, he got everything he could possibly have wanted: from Thomas to Angry Birds, and Mario to a Dream Lite! He even got a telescope so he can see space!! How exciting!! I think even without all the fancy decorations and homemade cake and planning...he would likely say it was his best birthday ever!!

And now it's onto Mommy's birthday in just a few short weeks...25...seriously!? When did THAT happen!?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Almost Birthday, Shaun!

Five years ago today, I was thoroughly convinced that Shaun would make his appearance into this world. After a few months of preterm labor, it was finally the real deal...and we were ready!

But Shaun had other plans and was in no hurry to come out and meet us! After being sent home for the third and final time for the night (with medicine to help me sleep...yeah right!), I had given up my idea of having an August 3rd birthday as I'd predicted early on (because my birthday is August 23, 1987 and the hubby's is November 27, 1983...it was only fitting our child be born on August 3, 2007...keeping with the 3 and 7 pattern.)

The next morning, we headed back to the hospital once again, and were finally admitted! (At this point, I was not going to take no for an answer anyway!) After a looooong, hard labor (aren't you supposed to get some sort of labor amnesia...I did not!! Ha!)...Shaun finally made his appearance late that night, August 4, 2007!! And for the past 5 years, he has been the biggest blessing in my life. I could not be more proud to have him call me Mommy!!

Happy Early Birthday, Shauny!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dear Summer...Is It Fall Yet?

Seriously, I've been telling my husband for weeks that I am ready for fall. Perhaps it's because we're finally in an area that actually has a fall. I hate being cold, but there are some great things to look forward to!!

The Weather: I'm not a huge fan of cold weather (and I get cold super easily!), but this crazy heat, humidity, etc is not my cup of tea either...what a summer to move from California, right?

The Fashion: I definitely prefer fall clothes over summer clothes... maybe because it tends to be easier to dress modestly in the fall than summer? (Especially in this heat!!) Scarves, sweaters, leggings and legwarmers...I love it all. Here are a few Fall looks I'm loving!

Source: etsy.com via Randi on Pinterest

Love, love, LOVE these legwarmers...and the whole leggings and baggy cardigan look too!! (Actually, because my house is super cold right now, it's similar to what I'm wearing right now!! But this version looks 100 times better!!)

Source: polyvore.com via Randi on Pinterest

The Food: Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pies, pumpkin cookies...pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin...okay, we can't forget the wonderful apple recipes either...but did I mention pumpkin!?

Source: bakingdom.com via Randi on Pinterest

Sorry...am I making you guys hungry yet!?

The Scents: Of course most of you know by now I have an obsession with Scentsy! And I have to tell you, many of my favorites are the fall/winter scents!! Some of them are a little more winter-y (Snowberry!!), but pretty much anything with cinnamon or pumpkin is great for the Fall!! I already can't wait to try some of the new scents!!

The Holidays: And by holidays, I don't mean Christmas (though I do LOVE Christmas!), but Halloween and Thanksgiving!! I'm not sure what our plans are this year, being the first time we live close enough that we could spend Thanksgiving with family...in theory...but I do look forward to it regardless!! I don't go too fancy on the actual Thanksgiving meals...but I love baking pies!! And Halloween is always fun, especially now that Shaun is really starting to get it, more and more every year!!

I know time is going by super quickly and fall will be here before we know it, and until then, I'll just have to face this heat and dream of cooler days (and better clothes!)

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shaun's Favorite Things {Instagram Style}

I'm so sorry for being such a blog slacker these past few weeks...I've not been feeling well at all. I'm still not, but wanted to share a few photos do you know I'm still alive and haven't forgotten about my lovely readers!!

Here are a few cute Shaun photos:

Shaun found this worm/caterpillar last week and decided to introduce his trains. He was trying desperately to get him (her?) to play with the trains as well, but no luck there!!

Mario anyone? As you may know by now, Shaun has recently gotten very into Mario...so we decided to get crafty...now, if you ever notice- the crafts I tend to post don't require much detail...I'm really not that talented...but he seemed to be happy with them, so that's all that matters, right?

Shaun told me that these guys were playing Call of Duty. Obviously the child of a Marine!!

And finally, it's Super Shaun Brother. (He even had an S on his hat!)
I think we may need to invest in more overalls and red shirts! And eyeliner for the mustache!!