Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If You Really Knew Me...

By now, I'm sure most of you have seen this type of post all over the blog world...I'm not sure where it originated from (though if someone does know, please fill me in!), but thought it was an interesting idea. As bloggers, we tend to put only our best foot forward and really only share what we want to share. While I think we do get a pretty good sense of who the person behind the computer screen is, I think there's definitely a lot that we miss out on as well, so here's to getting to know each other just a little bit better!

If you really knew me...

You'd know that I am incredibly shy and socially awkward. I am sure I have mentioned before that I have severe social anxiety, though I've been told by those who know me only online that they would never have guessed that. The truth is, it's much easier for me to be open online than it is in person. In fact, there are people who know my personally that say they've never actually heard me speak!! Seriously, I was talking to a friend at my graduation rehearsal, and someone with whom I had known since preschool turned around and told me that was the first time they'd heard my voice...and it's not like I went to a school where we had hundreds of kids and you didn't know everyone either! I think I have gotten a bit better with age, though I'm still very quiet.

You'd know that I am also very short. Just under 5 foot. Naturally, if you met me, it would likely be one of the first thing you noticed!!

You'd know that I sing...often. This is one of those things where you'd likely have to know me pretty well to have heard me (see the first statement), but I have been singing since before I can remember. Talent shows, karaoke, church, choir...you name it, I've done it. My first 'job' was going from store to store at a local Easter event and singing in each store. (We didn't get paid with money, but rather gift cards donated by some of the stores in the area!)

You'd know I'm sick...often. My immune system stinks:(

You'd know I'm a little bit nerdy...or a lot nerdy, depending on who you ask I suppose. A big regret about our time in California is that I never went to Comic Con.

You'd know that I over analyze every little decision. (And you'd likely be annoyed by it!!)

You'd know that I am an extremely overprotective mommy!!

Hmmm...I cannot think of anything else at this point that I haven't already shared!! (Plus, my little man just got home from school and I want to go squeeze him!!) I hope you at least got to know me a little bit better than you did before!!

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