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My Birthday Wish List

In less than a week (August 23rd), I will be turning 25! (Which is shocking to me, I swear I just turned 18...and people still don't even believe I'm that old!) Anyway, since I shared Shaun's birthday wishlist, I thought it was only fair to share mine as well. I have actually told my husband I'd really just love a shopping spree to Plato's Closet...I know, I know, after my last big trip there you'd think I'd be pretty set but I'd love to find some Fall things- like some pretty sweaters, and scarves, and boots...maybe some jewelry as well!! But really, I'd also just be happy for the husband to have an early night or weekend off...I think I've started to forget what he looks like!! But, despite all that, there are still a few items on my list:

I love this dress from Shabby Apple. It's from their new Zoology collection, all of which is gorgeous and perfect for fall (with the addition of some cute tights and boots anyway)!! There is an orange version of this dress that is stunning as well, though I'm not sure I could pull off the color. I actually just ordered the Animalia dress from that collection...so pretty, I can't wait to get that.

Have you guys checked out Stella and Dot? They have so many gorgeous pieces that I would love to own for myself (if only my bank account agreed!) Plus, they come in really cute boxes that say things like, 'hello gorgeous'...who doesn't love that? This necklace is just one of many on my wish list...I love the color!!

And speaking of jewelry...I've been eyeing these Origami Owl Lockets for awhile now too...they have an Autism charm as well...so pretty, and unique!!

Source: dayspring.com via Randi on Pinterest

I know I've mentioned my love of Dayspring once or twice (or a thousand times!)...this is a piece from my favorite collection (Redeemed). I have several items from that collection already, but this would definitely be a welcome addition!! Not sure where I would put something like this at the moment, but believe me I'd find a spot!!

What 'Randi's Wish List' would be complete without a little Scentsy? (Because you know I'm addicted!) At the top of my list, the Silhouette warmer! The warmer itself is just a simple white warmer, but has wraps you can change out...for only $12 each! I've wanted it for awhile now, but even more so after I saw the new wraps that are coming in the new catalog...there's one with a bird (LOVE) and some great holiday ones as well...including one with a stunning nativity scene. I already have several warmers (and holiday ones as well), but it's certainly very tempting!! I'd say I'd love some new bars when the Fall catalog starts (and I REALLY do), but my husband- who never minds at all when I buy things usually, since it's rare- has told me that I should not buy any more until they stop falling out every time he opens the fridge...hmm, perhaps I should just organize them a little better so I can buy more? (Don't judge me!;))

I'm sure I could add several more things to this list if I really thought about it, but really more than anything I just want to spend the day with my boys!!


  1. i am 25 too, it is crazy sometimes is till don't even feel like i am that age



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