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Social Craze by Samantha Russell: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Livi Kent is everyone’s go-to girl.

She’s earned her place as Craze Magazine executive, Tirzah Abram’s, millennial protégé, and she’s known on social media as @livilavidaloca, the girl you turn to for the inside scoop on any social situation. How did she get here? By setting goals and following strict boundaries. Plus, Livi knows that the more she accepts Tirzah’s ludicrous requests, the more opportunities she will receive.

But when Tirzah asks Livi to blur the boundaries and head a singles event at Cancún’s hottest new resort, Livi faces a predicament she never would have anticipated. The resort owner is Damien Vidal, media heartthrob gone MIA.

He and Livi have worked together in the past…perhaps a little too closely.

The singles at the event have deemed the pair a gush-worthy couple. No matter how much Livi and Damien try to bury their feelings and enforce professional boundaries, the guests demand romance is at play. Even more, they have the pictures to prove it, and they've quickly created a social media fan club of sorts featuring pictures that make even Livi wonder what’s true and what’s not as she sorts through her feelings.

Will Livi be able to keep her go-to girl status from turning her into the girl who’s got to go?

Samantha Russell lives in Arizona with her husband, three wild-hooligan children, and everyone’s favorite family member–Rook the Vizsla. She’s a creature of habit, equal parts homebody and adventure seeker, and shamelessly addicted to soda. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing cards, and reading.

Writing a book was never in her plans–especially not when she chose her college major based on the least amount of writing possible. Thanks to love, and a certain global pandemic, she ended up an English major. Only after having a daughter, twin boys, and a medical resident for a husband did she decide to write. What better time, hey?

Samantha’s books are filled with stories that brought her smiles and sanity through some of the harder, hair-pulling days of life. It is her hope they will do the same for you.

This was such a fun read! I'll admit it took me just a bit to get into the story at first, but I think that was more my mood at the time than anything else... because once I got into the story, I was absolutely hooked! These characters drew me in right away... Livi is fun, but takes her job very seriously, until Damien walks (back) into the picture and throws her world for a loop. I loved the chemistry between these two! Try as they might to keep things professional, there's a magnetism there that just flies off the pages... and I absolutely loved it. The presence of paparazzi and some workplace drama kept things interesting throughout the story and I found myself unable to put it down. With it's resort setting, this felt a bit like an escape and would make it a great summer read... but really is great for anytime. With a debut like this, I am so looking forward to seeing more from Samantha Russell in the future!

Social Craze is a closed-door romance with great chemistry but nothing beyond kisses. There is some minor language throughout. 

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