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Moonstruck by Dana LeCheminant: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

With his knack for bad luck, Liam isn’t surprised when he’s awarded house arrest after protecting a fan at his last show. What he didn’t expect was the girl of his dreams showing up with his lunch delivery and turning his confinement into an unexpected friendship. Despite his many love songs, he’s not big on relationships, but something about Kasey has him questioning his commitment to the single life. It doesn’t hurt that she keeps inspiring new songs.

Kasey isn’t a fan of the wealthy and famous, and Liam embodies both. But he’s also friends with A-lister Derek Riley, a Hollywood heavyweight who could open doors for her screenplays. Connections have burned her before, so striking up a friendship with Liam seems futile even though Liam keeps defying all her expectations, making her believe something good could happen in her life for once. But the last time she trusted someone, she ended up with more than a broken heart.

When a tabloid photo threatens Kasey’s coveted anonymity, Liam seizes the opportunity to invite her to hide out in his house. The problem? He has no clue if she’s staying for him or for his connections. But as their relationship deepens, he realizes he’s fallen too far to let her go. She has changed his whole world, and he just has to hope she’ll let him change hers in return.

Dana LeCheminant has been telling stories since she was old enough to know what stories were. After spending most of her childhood reading everything she could get her hands on, she eventually realized she could write her own books, and since then she always has plots brewing and characters clamoring to be next to have their stories told. A lover of all things outdoors, she finds inspiration while hiking the remote Utah backcountry and cruising down rivers. Until her endless imagination runs dry, she will always have another story to tell.

Oh my goodness... I absolutely could not get enough of this book!

When Liam and Kasey meet it gets a little--- well, we'll just say chaotic! I won't give anything away, but it certainly had me laughing out loud and gave us a great idea of just how Liam's luck with getting himself into awkward situations is. It perfectly set the tone for the rest of the story, and I was absolutely hooked right from the start. Despite his luck, Liam really is such a loveable character that you cannot help but root for. I love how sweet and protective he is... especially toward Kasey even if he's not really a relationship person. She has her own past that keeps her from trusting others well, but when they're forced to hide out in his home from paparazzi, they connect. It was the perfect balance of chemistry, awkward moments and a little bit of a mystery to keep things interesting too. 

As much as I loved Liam and Kasey, his group of friends also drew me in too. This is the first book in the new series and the perfect introduction to keep me wanting to get their stories too. I cannot wait to get to know them all better in their books to come! 

Moonstruck is a closed-door romance, with nothing beyond kisses. There are a few innuendos and mentions of a character swearing, but nothing actually said on the pages. 

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  1. I read Love on Camera by her recently and loved it. I am now reading the second in the series, but the title slipped my mind, but I enjoy her writing! Great review.


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