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Spies Don't Fall for Their Asset by Meg Easton: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

He’s an international spy. She accidentally becomes his asset.

Every Tuesday, my best friend and I get together to watch spy movies, and I dream of a secret agent sweeping me off my feet.

Imagine my surprise when a) one actually does, b) I don’t realize he’s a spy (even though “secret” is in the job title, so I should’ve seen that coming), and c) his mission is to protect me.

For the record: I don’t need protecting. But if I did, Jace would be my top pick. I have more fun and feel more connected during the 10 minutes when he’s rescuing me from a blind date than I’ve had in the past several years of dating combined. Add a helicopter, a black-tie gala, and a motorcycle chase, and even though I’m reluctant to date anyone, I’m ready to let him protect me anytime.

Yet, my (considerable) reluctance to date is nothing compared to Jace’s. He has a rule not to date anyone until he is no longer a covert intelligence operative. Something about it being a bad idea to mix love and espionage.

But am I falling anyway? Yeah, I might be falling.

Send help.

“Spies Don’t Fall for Their Asset” is a closed-door romantic comedy brimming with chemistry, sizzling tension, and witty banter. In a world where the family business is the spy business, prepare to laugh, swoon, and fall head over heels in love.

Meg Easton is the USA Today bestselling author of contemporary sweet romances and romantic comedies with fun-loving, unforgettable characters and locations worthy of packing up and moving to. She has received the Swoony Award for Best Contemporary Romance of the Year, and her books and audiobooks have been RONE Award and Whitney Award finalists.

She lives at the foot of a mountain with her name on it (or at least one letter of her name) in the Rockies, where she loves spending time with her husband and three kids.

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Unlike Mackenzie's character, I've never really cared too much about spy movies. As it turns out though, I might just be a spy romance novel fan because oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVED everything about this book! Mackenzie and Jace's hilariously awesome meet-cute reeled me in immediately and I rarely stopped smiling through the very end. The world of spies is definitely one that is over the top in many ways, but the author did such a great job of creating this world and a family that still felt genuine too. I loved the adventure of the story, but I also love how very well it was balanced with romance and humor too. This story was told in alternating POV, which I love anyway... but it was especially great for this one! As readers, we know who (or what) Jace really is right from the start, so seeing Mackenzie's take on things without that knowledge just added a really fun element to the story for me. I really just couldn't get enough of these two together. It was a little longer than many of the romcoms that I typically read, but it could have gone on longer and it still wouldn't have been enough! 

This is the first book in the new Romancing the Spy series, so I am definitely looking forward to more stories like this one! We're given a little taste of what's to come next in this story, and I am absolutely here for it! This is the first book I've read by the author, but it most certainly will NOT be the last. 

Spies Don't Fall for Their Asset is a closed-door romance with fantastic chemistry, but nothing beyond kisses and no language. 


  1. My brother had all of the Ian Fleming novels and I read them as a child and wanted to be a secret agent.


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