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That One Time in Oregon by Ella Beachley: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Nine hundred miles. Eight days. Two egos.

The last place Kate Porter ever thought she’d end up was in a car with her boss, driving down the Oregon Coast. He’s handsome and knows it, socially charming to a fault, and just took the job she felt was rightfully hers out from under her.

Luca Banks thought he’d broken through Kate’s cool exterior, but when he’s promoted to company president (thank you, Grandpa!), Kate goes from subtly aloof to being a downright grump. The polar opposite of Luca’s fun-loving ways, Kate has never really taken him seriously. Now Luca is determined to prove to her and to himself that he has what it takes to lead the company.

Throw in becoming stranded with a broken-down car, one bed, and karaoke, keeping things simple and professional isn’t really an option. If the office betting pool is any indication, they’re either going to fall in love or end up in jail.

That One Time in Oregon is a reverse grumpy/sunshine, closed door, clean and sweet romance with witty banter, forced proximity, and coworkers-to-lovers who fall in love while on an adventure they’ll never forget.

Ella Beachley is happiest at the beach—any beach. She also enjoys fish tacos, hiking, and witty conversations with friends.

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That One Time in Oregon is the second book in That One Time series. I had not personally read the previous book in the series and found that I still was able to enjoy this one just fine as a standalone. I did really enjoy the interactions between the couple from book one in this book, so I'll definitely be looking forward to going back and reading that one too! 

I've never been to Oregon or had desires to drive along the Oregon coast... but boy did they book inspire me to want to do so! The author did such a great job of creating this beautiful setting that I couldn't help but want to experience for myself! While the setting certainly made this book all that much better, it was definitely the romance that grabbed me. Right from the start, Luca's character drew me in. He is the sunshine to Kate's slight grumpiness... and truly what a sunshine he was! He was so full of life and fun; it was hard not to be drawn into his character. While at the start of the story, he seemed like he might be more surface level, I really loved getting to know him better as the story progressed. They balanced each other very well, and the chemistry was fantastically done. 

Music played a big part of this story, what with Luca's karaoke obsession and playlists. I'm a big music person myself, so I loved all the specific song mentions (and that we're given a full playlist at the end). I felt like that really adds another great layer of connection to the story that I appreciated. 

If you love a good coworker romance, this is certainly one not to be missed. 

That One Time in Oregon is a closed-door romance with nothing beyond kisses and no language. 


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