Friday, September 8, 2023

Falling for Mister A+ by Sophie-Leigh Robbins: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Blake and I are just friends. That’s right, just best friends. It doesn’t even matter that he’s perfect boyfriend material, because he’s way out of my league and a permanent resident of the friend zone.

When my ailing grandpa asks me to come and take care of him, I don’t think twice about it. Moving back home seems like the perfect idea after a career-ending injury that left me with a prosthetic leg. That is, until I arrive and my plans to lay low crumble faster than an old taco shell. First of all, Grandpa’s new obsession with Zumba classes proves that he doesn’t need my help at all. Becoming a substitute PE teacher at the same school my best friend Blake works at wasn’t part of the plan either.

So what if he’s insanely hot and sweet and has got abs The Rock would be jealous of? To me, he’s just Blake Wilson, the guy I’ve known for over a decade and share all my secrets with. Okay, so maybe there is one teeny tiny secret I’m not telling him, but a girl can have some privacy, right?

Nothing exciting ever happens in my hometown, so Gwinnie Fletcher—former swim star and my gorgeous best friend—moving back is quite the shock. After everything she’s been through these past few years, asking her to help coach the swim team might be a stretch, but we need her. Five seasons of failing to secure a spot in the state finals means desperation.

Ironically, while she keeps us from drowning in losses, I seem to be floating straight into a pool of feelings for her. Too bad she only cares about swimming and not about leaving the friend zone with me.

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If you love:
-best friends to love
-coworker/teacher romance
-family meddling
-disability rep

...then you absolutely don't want to miss this book!

Falling for Mister A+ is the third book in the That Wilson Charm series. I had not personally read the previous books in the series and found this one read just fine as a standalone. I did find that I enjoyed the dynamic between Blake and his siblings so much that I will definitely be going back to read those previous books for more of that! 

Right from the start, this book drew me right in. I absolutely love a quirky/meddling grandparent in a story and so, Gwinnie's grandpa immediately won me over! He was definitely a fun side character that offered some great laugh out loud moments throughout. While that might have drawn me in initially, it was the chemistry between Blake and Gwinnie that kept me hooked... I really just adore these two and their mutual pining was done so very well. Sometimes when we're dealing with friends to love, it can be a painfully slow burn, but this one felt just right... enough to make that first kiss worth it... but not so much that you felt like you had to wait forever...and I loved it. It was a fast paced read that kept me smiling from start to finish! 

Falling for Mister A+ is a closed-door romance with great chemistry, but nothing beyond kisses. There was some minor language, but it was VERY minimal (maybe 4-5 throughout). There are mentions of an accident in which Gwennie lost her leg, but this occurs before the story begins and no graphic details are given. 


"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24