Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Top Tips for Pretty Hands

 Everybody wants to feel beautiful sometimes, and when we talk about that, we often talk about dieting to lose weight or using a new moisturizer for a great skin care routine. The thing is, one area that we should all be concentrating on most is our hands. As strange as it sounds, the hands are usually the first body part to show some signs of aging. 

The skin on the hands is so thin and so fragile, and it's often subjected to harsh soaps, hand sanitizers and cleaners. It's also subjected to constant sun exposure, so no matter how much SPF you use, your hands are always going to show signs of aging first. Whether you want pretty hands because you are sick of looking at the wrinkles or you are tired of them looking dry and old, we've got some suggestions to help you to maintain that pretty feeling in your hands as much as any other part of your body.

Image source: Pexels 

  • Get a manicure. One of the easiest ways to make your hands feel pretty is to get a manicure. You don't necessarily have to go to an expert for this because you can always purchase something from the Desert Flame nail polish collection and make your hands look beautiful at home. However, it always feels better to go to somebody who knows what they are doing, because they will give your cuticles the once over, they'll use the right techniques for your nails, and they'll help you to learn how to protect them better.

  • Wear protective gloves. Whether you are handling gardening outside or you are cooking food, make sure that you keep your hands covered. You should also wear rubber gloves when you are cleaning the house because the cleaning agents and latex can really irritate your hands. There are so many different kinds of protective gloves out there that are super available today and that includes things like vinyl and neoprene. You can find them in the cleaning aisle of any grocery store.

  • Use gentle soaps. Some soaps are far too harsh on the hands, so choose soaps that are gentle and moisturizing. Coconut oil in a hand soap is always going to make your hands feel soft and supple. You should do the same with any moisturizing hand soaps and lotions that you might use.

  • Stop picking your nails. Biting your nails or picking at dry cuticles is a good way to make your hands look really rough. You want to keep your nails soft and moisturized and keep your cuticles the same way. Using a DIY cuticle oil on your hands will help you every time you are tempted to pick or bite because it tastes disgusting.

Your hands are going to be on display for everybody to see, so the best thing that you can do is to ensure that they feel and look as soft as ever. You want to make them look good and feel good, and that means using the right products every time.


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