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Camp Let You Go by Kristen Lucero: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Two summers. Ten years apart. Four weeks back together. One last chance for love. All the s'mores a girl could ask for.

Having grown up on Bug Juice and the Parent Trap, 16-year-old Penny Watts was made for summer camp. Never had it felt like a possibility, at least not until her mother took on a summer nursing job at Camp Sunny Hills. Penny's camp experience started out being everything she wanted and more; days spent splashing in the lake, the smell of campfire smoke drifting in the air, and the sweet gooey taste of s'mores on her tongue. What she hadn't prepared for was a summer romance with a boy who left her with a broken heart and plans to never return to Sunny Hills again.

Ten years later, Penny has kept her promise and her heart safe, happy with the life she has built for herself, until unforeseen circumstances force her to fill in for her mom.

None of this is ideal, but hey, at least it will give her some relaxing time in nature and the chance to fill her endless s'mores quota. Everything is pointing toward a perfect summer, that is, until she meets her boss, the camp director, who also happens to be the same guy that broke her heart.

Will Penny finally be able to move on and forget the past? Or will she finally discover the truth about why he has been so hard to let go?

Kristen Lucero is a devoted mother of three boys and has been happily married for 14 years. They live in Utah, along with their two dogs, Milo and Beans. She has always had a passion for reading and writing. Kristen's love for romance novels and their happily ever afters inspired her to create her own heartfelt stories.

Between 4-H camp as a kid and church camp as a teenager, so many of my summer memories revolve around going to camp. And to be honest, those are some of my favorite memories too. So, when I saw Camp Let You Go-- a dual-timeline romance that takes place at a summer camp ten years apart, it immediately went on my TBR! And I have to say that it absolutely did not disappoint! 

The camp nostalgia may have been what drew me in, but it was Jesse and Penny and their fantastic chemistry that kept me reading on! I just absolutely loved these two and loved seeing them get their second chance at love. Dual timelines can be a little hit and miss for me, as I'll find it either gets confusing or I get more invested in one timeline than the other. With this one jumping back and forth between teenage and adult Jesse and Penny, I also admit that I worried about if it would be too much teen drama for my 30-something self. And okay, yes... there was definitely some teen drama going on, but I actually found that I really enjoyed both timelines fairly equally. The transitions were done very well, and I loved how the author did such a great job revealing just the right amount of their past story at the right time to keep me invested. I couldn't put it down! If you are looking for a great summer romance, this is absolutely one not to miss! 

Camp Let You Go is a closed-door romance. There is some minor language throughout and a few of the kisses were fairly descriptive, but nothing beyond that. 


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