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Making the Cut by Ash Keller: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

One man is a blast from the past. The other is my brother’s best friend. Will one of them make the cut?

“How’s your love life?” Four little words designed to cut to the quick. 
Who knew mean girls grew up to be PTA moms?

Besides a short summer fling when I was 19, I’ve had no 
love life to speak of—and everyone knows it. But there are a couple of things they don’t know:

That I have feelings for my brother’s best friend. I’ve always been sure that Bishop saw me only as a surrogate little sister. But lately, things between us have felt…different.

The identity of my teenage son’s father. Honestly, I’d like to know, too. When I found out I was pregnant, I’d tried to track him down at his university, only to discover that no one with his name had ever been enrolled.

The thing about towns as small as Friendly is that secrets never stay buried forever. And this summer, mine are all coming to the surface. 
Whether I’m ready or not.

Making the Cut is a short and sweet romcom sugar bomb! It's a standalone novella. Low angst. Low heat. All the feels.

Ash Keller writes contemporary romance and romantic comedies that are sweet on heat but big on heart. So, if you love sassy heroines, lovable heroes, witty banter, swoon-worthy kisses and happily-ever-afters, you're in the right place.

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Making the Cut is the second book in the Sticks and Stones Rom Com series. While those who have read the previous book with enjoy revisiting Friendly and getting to catch up on some familiar character in this new story, I definitely think it could be read just fine as a standalone as well. 

At under 100 pages, this is a super quick read--- easily read in just one sitting. Despite its short length though, it's not short on story. I definitely enjoyed the characters enough that I'd have enjoyed a full-length novel as well... but I didn't feel like anything was incomplete or lacking. Instead, it felt like just the perfect bite-sized romance... and a super satisfying bite at that! I really enjoyed getting to know Hazel better and seeing her romance with Bishop blossom. In true Rom Com fashion, it seemed every time they were just about to come together, something chaotic would happen. It made that actual first kiss all that much better, but also kept me laughing throughout! 

Making the Cut is a closed-door romance, with nothing beyond kisses and no language. 

If you're looking for a quick and fun beach read, this is definitely one worth checking out! I look forward to seeing what happens next in the series. 


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