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Simple Ways To Support Your Favorite Authors


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When we think about authors, many of us are under the perception that each book brings in a ton of income for the author. Just look at these hugely successful and well-known authors like Stephen King and J.K Rowling bringing in the big bucks! The reality is that these few are the exception, not the rule. While many authors certainly do make a nice income, there are still many, many more who rely on their 9-to-5 rather than full-time writing. 

So, how can we as readers help to support our favorite authors? 

Of course, one of the best ways to support authors is to buy their books. Authors depend on book sales greatly, and each sale matters. Still, we're not always in the financial position ourselves to be able to do so. That does not mean that we cannot help in other ways. Let's take a look at some more ways we can show authors love and support, without spending a lot of money!

Ask your local library to carry their books.

While authors do not get paid when their books are checked out at local libraries, they are paid when the libraries purchase the books. Beyond that though, libraries are a great way to introduce new readers to an author. There have been many times that I have checked out a book from my local library, fallen in love with an author's work, and gone on to buy more of their novels. 

Recommend them to friends. 

If you love a book, there's a good chance that someone else in your circle will too. I love talking books with friends and have enjoyed learning about new books this way. With social media, it's even easier to help spread the word than ever before. 

Follow authors on social media/email newsletters.

Speaking of social media, following your favorite authors is another great way to show your appreciation and support! You can share their posts and announcements and help them get their books out into the world. Aside from that, following your favorite authors is also of great benefit to YOU... giving you the scoop on upcoming books and even things like giveaways or ARC opportunities. 

Leave ratings and reviews.

Love a book? What better way to let readers AND the author know than by leaving a rating and/or review on your favorite book retailer sites or Goodreads. For many, the idea of writing a review can be a little intimidating... but let me assure you, ALL reviews-- long, short, detailed, vague are going to be helpful for an author! Yes, even a simple 'I liked it' helps. 

Send them a note.

Spreading the word to others readers is fantastic, but sometimes even just sending a short message to the author to let them know how much you enjoyed the book can be such a great way to support them. Writing a book is a lot of work, and it can be rather stressful to put those stories out there, especially for newer writers. A note of appreciation can go a very long way. 

What are your favorite ways to support authors? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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