Monday, January 17, 2022

4 Key Features to Look for While You're House-Hunting


Ah, the joys of looking for a house. You just want to find the right place to live. You have the perfect place in mind. However, you have to try and be realistic here. What are the most important features to you for a home? Write them down and take a look at your list. Here are some features that you will want to keep in mind for house-hunting.

Location, Location, Location

Sometimes you will have to move because of your job. It would be a good idea to be closer to the places that you will need to go. On both House Hunters shows, location is one of the top features that everyone lists. Everyone wants to be near town, the city, work, and/or schools. After all, who wants to drive for hours and back just to get to the grocery store? Now the trick to this is the price? You might have to give up some dream items on your list to be closer to where you need to be. It might be painful, but well worth it.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are always a concern on everyone's minds when they are looking for a home. Every part of the house has to be safe. Top to bottom, there are no exceptions. A roof is one of the most important concerns in the eyes of buyers. After all, it's the thing that keeps out the weather on the worst of days. You will want a good roof that will last you for generations. Almost 33% of realtors say that a roof replacement directly helped close a home sale. Everyone does want a good roof over their head after all. What about the rest of the house? The foundation and the walls are just as important as the roof itself. Do a little research. Ask questions. Knowledge will help you get a better home. You don't want to end up spending more money to move again, do you?

Keep Within Your Budget

Here comes the tricky part. How much can you afford to buy a house in general? In 2021, the median home price was $350,300. Even that's being generous. You might have to let go of some of the items on your wishlist. It will be painful, but worth it. What is more important-- a fancy pool or being able to live in the house for more than six months because you can afford it? Take the time to look over your budget just so you know what exactly you are working with. Once you have everything sorted, you can happily find the right home from there.

How Long Are You Planning to Stay?

This question is more important than it looks. Depending on your answer will depend on how big you will need your place to be. You might not need to stay around long to do home repairs. In the States, only 37% of homeowners completed a flooring project in the last year. Renovation projects take time and money. You might not be able to have both. If you are staying longer, then that is fine. Otherwise, look for a smaller place to live until it is time to move again.

People have many things on their house wishlist. Only the really lucky ones can have it all. The rest might have to give up some items just to fit their budget. Location, health and safety, your budget, and how long you are staying should never be on the cutting block. Take the time to look through everything before you begin with your house-hunting. After all, it will be important when you are looking for your forever dream home.


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