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Clothing And Being Pregnant, You’re Going To Need Some First Hand Advice


It may come as a surprise that during the lockdowns and closures of companies, some temporarily, others, permanently, there was a surge in pregnancies. People had to spend more time together at home and, well, if you don’t have to go to work, what are you going to do? As such there is an increased need for help and advice from pregnant women who, some of which never even planned to fall pregnant, others had been trying, clearly, they just needed more time;

Clothing - It’s personal

When it comes to being pregnant, nobody can determine how they are going to feel, sure everybody has their own personality and traits which should still ‘for the main part’ stay intact. However, there will be some rather significant changes going on within your body which will affect various areas of your looks which may affect how you feel, apparently clothes can help.

Is there a favourite pregnancy look? 

Granted, this is hugely subjective however, when asked, a number of mothers and pregnant women actually said that they’d been living in dresses for the entire period of their pregnancy whereas others said that nursing tank tops of Australia were what did it for them! They added that they usually go for a reserved look, something below-the-knee like a smock or a shift dress was the general consensus. You may not normally wear dresses but, this is a little different, you have to consider an increased number of trips to the loo and your general comfort.

For some ladies, wearing anything ‘fitted’ is just a bit too much, some even said that anything other than a dress made them feel claustrophobic, sick or increased their feeling of being bigger than usual. It’s all personal though, so you might find that you feel a completely different way and would prefer to wear something else.

Dressing for hot weather? 

It all changes when it gets hot, you’ll become more tired and probably a bit grouchy unless you do something to relax like, reading a good book. A change of clothes might also be needed, some ladies said that they found it hard to get the correct size clothes in store so you might want to go online and check out things like crop tops, sustainable swimsuits and, of course, more dresses.

Cotton is a good choice because it should stick to your skin but it will allow your body to breathe which is super important. Various other fabrics will give you different benefits but, essentially you are going to want a material that lets your body breath, doesn’t stick and that offers some protection.

Dressing for the cooler weather?

Most of the women asked said that, what really saved them throughout the colder months was having some really versatile maternity basics that they could layer if needed as well as mix and match. They all highly recommended investing in a few bump-friendly pieces that you really love, jumpsuits are one of the top picks.

Clothing aside

If you are pregnant at the moment then it’s worth considering what kind of world your child is going to be presented with when they decide to come out and say help. Do your best to limit their exposure to handheld tech and try and help them to grow up appreciating the value of things, far too many children these days have been spoiled and have no idea.


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