Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Still Stuck in a Funk? 6 Ways to Escape It and Feel Ready for 2022


When life has seemingly stagnated or worst still, it seems to be passing you by, it’s time to deal with that. Otherwise, 2022 will seem much like the lackluster 2021 that disappointed many people.

If you’re in a rut or a funk, here are 6 ways to escape it.

1.      Shake Things Up with a Change in Appearance

When in a funk, you’re fed up with most things. This usually includes your appearance. So do something about it.

If you don’t like your choice of dresses or other outfits, give yourself permission for a little retail therapy. Now, if your credit cards are going to suffer, don’t overdo it. But still, find something to put a smile on your face and brighten your day.

Bad teeth? They can be fixed up at the dentist. If the issue is one or more crooked teeth, then metal braces could be in your future. They will get you sorted if you’ll allow a few months for the process of metal braces teeth straightening to happen, and as the linked article explains, it is never too late to do this! Alignerco can provide a consultation to discuss the best solution for you. You can have teeth straightening kits delivered to your door.

Remember, braces are fairly common for children, but few adults think they can have them. That’s untrue. Positive change is still possible.

2.      Set New Goals

Lethargy occurs when you’ve not got goals to chase after or something inspiring to work on.

So, what is it that will motivate you? What new goal or multiple goals can you set that will make you feel alive and want to grasp the day?

Take the goal you decide on. Break it down into milestones to achieve. Look at the timeline and determine the activities needed to reach each milestone. Do this for each step, so you have a detailed plan for its attainment.

Understand that almost no plans ever survive intact. They need to be reviewed, modified, and adjustments made to stay on course. Beliefs get tested, errors in the planning are discovered, and new solutions are found. That’s normal. Don’t let that deter you. As long as you’re pushing ahead towards the milestones and bigger goals, that’s all that’s required.

3.      Become More Active

Feeling stuck or in a funk also often includes not moving much.

Any previous workout routine likely fell by the wayside, with enough excuses made to gym buddies until they stopped calling to ask you. Reconnect with them and set up new commitments. If they’ve moved on, then do so as well. 

Make new workout plans based on fresh targets for fitness or weight loss goals to achieve. Put a positive spin on a lack of recent progress. Get the blood pumping and you’ll feel more energized once you get over your initial reluctance (and lack of recent fitness).

4.      Let Go of Any Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs hold you back. They’re where you believe something that’s not the case or you talk yourself down to the point that you don’t feel you can try anything new.

For the people who have these types of belief systems, everyone is different. But there are commonalities such as believing you are not good enough to succeed, or that you’ll fail so what’s the point in even trying?

It’s necessary to wipe the slate clean by removing any limiting beliefs. To say that you’ll give anything a go and not hold yourself back any longer.

5.      Stop Procrastinating

If you’ve become a major procrastinator who puts most things off to another day, then life will have quickly ground to a halt.

Procrastinators feel a sense of satisfaction from avoiding getting things done. Instead of feeling good about achieving new things, they become experts at delaying outcomes. They get a psychological boost from doing so too.

Recognize yourself if that sounds like you. The best way to stop procrastinating is to turn off the brain, stop thinking or mulling things over, and just execute. Take action. Take it repeatedly. Force yourself to get things done. This approach helps to stop you from preventing yourself from making progress (it’s an internal war going on).

6.      Talk with Friends

If you’ve become increasingly frustrated with a lack of life progress, then you’ve likely withdrawn from conversing with friends too. It’s time to reverse course on that.

Engaging with friends and finding out what’s new with them lets you reengage with life again. It also reminds you that you’ve not made forward progress.

Ask whether you can use a friend as an accountability buddy? This will spur you to make the effort necessary to get moving on something – anything – so that you can report back on your progress. This can work across many disciplines; not just work-related.

It’s necessary to get out of your head when you feel stuck. There is an internal dispute going on and your mind is winning. Sometimes, this requires thinking less and acting more to shake things up. Because continuing to do the same thing isn’t going to change anything.






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