Tuesday, October 19, 2021

4 Ways to be More Active at Home


Almost everyone secretly wishes they were more active and therefore more fit. But having a quick look at the general population, you will see that many people are not quite achieving their goals. It is incredible that even though being active provides such obvious benefits, we allow ourselves to fall into routines with no time for activity and even devising ways to make things easier. In a world that is exercise deficient, labor-saving devices are not as wonderful as they seem. But do not be discouraged; every day is a new opportunity to burn some extra calories. Every little thing counts, and you might find being active is more interesting than what you are doing now. Here are a few ways you can be more active at home.

1.       Yoga: Yoga has become more and more popular lately; part of the reason is that yoga is something you can do with minimal equipment and instruction from videos – that way, no one can see you go through your awkward phase. There isn’t much equipment involved in yoga, and it would help if you had a yoga mat with a bag to keep it nice and out of the way. It would help if you also had some stretchy clothes so you can really get that downward dog and crescent lunge perfected. Fortunately, yoga fashion is super popular right now, so you will be adding to your everyday wardrobe too.

2.       Cardio Machine: I think we all know what the fate of most exercise machines is. They end up being a clothes hanger in the back room. The problem with cardio machines is that most people either buy a cheap device with low quality. Or fail to find a way to make cardio part of their everyday routine. Cardio machines and video entertainment are an excellent match. Since you likely spend a certain amount of time watching a screen, it is easy to spend some of that time making your cardio machine go whirr. Try it; you will be amazed how long you can go when you have something else to think about.

3.       Calisthenics: This is a word you don’t hear so much anymore. It used to be the fitness buzzword. Calisthenics is a collection of exercises that are designed to be done with minimal equipment and limited space. It is essentially taking advantage of what you have, namely your own mass. And using it for resistance and flexibility training. Many things fall under the umbrella term, such as squats, crunches, pushups and planks, and several other things. None of these require much instruction or skill and can be done anywhere.

4.       Walking: Walking is incredibly underrated. Walking provides transportation, fresh air, and the opportunity to have a conversation and a break from the world. Walking is something you mastered when you were young, and it can be used to save money too. Choose walking over machines whenever you can

If you want to be more active, there is always a way, unless you have an illness, disability, or you’ve been kidnapped and held against your will. The trick to choosing to be active is to set goals and record your progress. Remember, any amount of exercise will improve your health, and you are the only one who can stop you.



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