Monday, November 25, 2019

Comfort Meets Confidence: Why KiraGrace Pocket Yoga Leggings Are My New Go-To

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When it comes to working out, I have found one thing to be very true for me personally: What I wear matters.  For me, it comes down to two things:

  1. I need to wear clothes that are comfortable and allow me to move easily. I believe this is true for all people. If we have to work against our clothes, it takes away from the workout... whereas if our clothing moves with us more naturally we can get the most out of it. This is a very practical reason for investing in quality workout clothes.
  2. In addition to feeling comfortable to move, I need to feel comfortable with how I look. If I am concerned with my workout clothes being unflattering, I cannot let myself relax enough to work out to my full capacity. Okay, okay... so perhaps this might sound a tad vain, but let's be honest--- we're only human and many of us struggle with that. If we can find something that makes us feel good about us, it truly impacts our whole attitude.

While I find that I am less picky on the tops I wear, I have found that I am SUPER picky about my workout leggings... perhaps because this is the part of my body I am most insecure about. I've tried on several options, but today I'm sharing with you my new favorites: KiraGrace Pocket Yoga Legging!

But first, what is KiraGrace?

KiraGrace is on a mission to celebrate women's beauty, strength, and grace as we move through life's journeys. Our yoga topsyoga bottoms, and yoga outfits are uniquely designed to be uplifting and inspiring, items that bring comfort, or a smile, just at the look, touch or feel. KiraGrace is unlike any other yoga apparel company. We are obsessed with bringing the latest trends, prints and designs to your activewear closet. With ultra-soft moisture-wicking fabric, 4-way stretch, built-in bras fashioned with a double layer and pockets for optional bra cups, our workout yoga tops are hard to beat. Fashioned with premium fabric, anti-chafing properties, and flat lock seaming for a smooth fit, our yoga pants,  yoga dress pants, and yoga bottoms provide lasting compression, coverage, and performance. Each KiraGrace garment is beautifully crafted of the highest quality performance fabrics with ultimate attention on all the little details that make a difference. KiraGrace garments are designed and constructed in the U.S.A.

What first attracted me to Kira Grace was their unique style. As I browsed through their website, I found myself thinking that I could see myself wearing their clothes not just during my workouts, but out and about every day as well. I am NOT one who likes to wear lounge-y type clothes outside of the home, so that was really a surprising thought for me, but it's true. Their styles look super fashionable, while still being functional for yoga or your various workouts of choice. I was excited to have the chance to try their Pocket Yoga Pants for myself. 

While KiraGrace has a fantastic variety of unique patterns and various color options too, I feel like you just cannot go wrong with a classic black. It matches absolutely everything and is ultra flattering as well. 

The second I put these on, I found that I NEVER wanted to take them off. I'm not even kidding. These were truly the most comfortable things I had ever put on my body. They feature KiraGrace PowerSoft fabric that is stretchy, breathable, moisture wicking and as the name suggests ultrasoft. All important features in any workout pant. While many claim to be ultra soft these truly lived up to it. I would say it was like wearing nothing at all, but honestly, it was even better. They very easily checked that physical comfort off the list!

Aside from being comfortable, they are very flattering too-moreso in person than my sometimes awkward self in photos suggest! The u
ltra high-rise waistband has body-contouring details that help made me feel more confident every time I wear them. Now, I was slightly between sizes, though closer to the smaller size, but I opted to go with that larger size instead. They fit fantastic, but I definitely could have gone with the smaller and believe if I had I would have seen even more of that compression effect. Let's be honest... workout clothes are not always the most flattering, so that little extra contouring makes me all the more comfortable! 

As I said earlier, I'm not one to usually wear leggings out and about, but these have changed that. I would wear them all day every day if I could. I find that on the days that I know that I am going to be running other errands before or after my workout classes, THESE are the ones I reach for. They serve me well during my workouts, and when I toss on an oversize sweater and swap my gym shoes to cute booties, they look every bit as appropriate and fantastic.

If you are looking for your new favorite yoga wear that can take your from the gym to home to life, KiraGrace is an absolute must see. And I know you all love a good deal! When you use my referral link HERE, you can save $20 on your first purchase! (You must click on that link only to get the coupon!)

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What do you look for in your workout wear? What styles from KiraGrace would you most like to try? 


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