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How to keep your children safe


Every parent frets about the safety of their children. There’s nothing new about this. But in the modern world, there are all sorts of dangers that need to be managed by parents. The tips on this guide are designed to help you improve the safety of your children. Here’s how to keep your children safe.


Be calm and reassuring


Children look to their parents for reassurance. No matter what’s happening in their lives, it’s important to remain a calm and reassuring presence. This will help them deal with the difficulties of childhood. Don’t panic when they hurt themselves, always stay calm when speaking to them, and reassure them that everything is going to be okay.


Give permission to say no


This is one of the most difficult aspects of parenthood. You spend a lot of time and energy ensuring that your children do what you ask of them. However, it’s important to give them permission to say no in certain circumstances. Tell them that they need to do as you say but they are allowed to say no to other adults and children (at least before asking your permission first). Also, give them examples of when it’s okay to say no.


Help children identify trusted adults


Even as adults, it can be difficult to know who to trust. But on a basic level, you can teach your children to identify trusted adults. For example, they can trust their teachers but not someone outside of school boundaries. If an adult is asking them to do something unusual, they shouldn’t be trusted.


Set body boundaries


This topic might be difficult for some parents to navigate but it’s extremely important to teach to children. Tell them, in very clear terms, which areas of their body shouldn’t be touched by another adult. Teach them that it is okay to have body boundaries and give them examples of situations that aren’t okay.


Insist on a child sexual abuse prevention training at school


Finding the right school for your children can be difficult. Academic success is important. However, it’s more important to find a safe environment for them to learn. When you are interviewing schools, insist on a child sex abuse prevention training program if one isn’t already in place.


Teach children the buddy system


The buddy system has been in place for decades and it’s still a great way to help your children stay safe. Tell them to walk home with a friend and sit next to someone they can trust.


Teach children to check with others first


One of the most important lessons for young children is to check with a trusted adult. If they are asked to do something for the first time, they should ask you, a trusted family member, or a teacher. Make sure that they understand the importance of checking if something is okay.


Teach children telephone skills


From a young age, you should teach your children how to act in an emergency. This involves training them to use a telephone to call the emergency services.


You don’t need to provide them with a smartphone but it’s important that they know how to get help.


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