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Preparing For Laser Hair Removal – Do These 4 Simple Things Right Away


You do ask a lot of questions, don't you? That's a good habit.


There are a few areas on your body that require a little bit more attention from you. You have to keep on grooming them more frequently. You have to go in for waxing or hair removal regularly. If you are tired of it all, there might be a permanent solution to it. If you have ever read about laser hair removal in Manhattan, it is time to consider it for real.


Understanding The Laser Hair Removal Science

Laser hair removal is a very easy process. The laser beam targets the melanin in your skin. This is the same pigment that is present in your hair follicles and roots as well. The pulse that comes out of the laser machine dissolves the hair follicle and roots right at its germinating spot. This means that once you are done with your session, the hair on your problem areas is going to be eliminated from its root. The laser targets the root and the follicle and burns them both. Post your first session, whenever regrowth happens, the outcome is very fine and soft hair. As you go in for subsequent sessions, the growth becomes even finer and thinner with every sitting, ensuring hair-free and smooth skin.


Remember, the darker and coarser the hair is the better your result is going to be. Once you are done with this treatment, the next thing to do will be to follow the directions of the doctor till the last detail. Take precautions when going out under the sun. Cover your treated areas completely as you may require more sessions in the future.


But before you show up at your laser hair removal manhattan clinic, you should take certain measures to prepare yourself for this session. Let's discuss how to go about it:


1.              Now Is The Time To Ask Questions

Yes, that habit of yours; do not hesitate from asking relevant questions. Even the technician is going to inquire about your medical history and several other details to create the right treatment plan for you.


·         Inquire about how many sessions you will need to get a completely hair-free look

·         Ask about the various steps involved in the process

·         Learn about any potential risks that are attached to this treatment

·         Ask about the most popular packages and payment plans that they may offer first-time clients


2.              Say No To The Sun

You will be advised to stay away from the sun. This is to prevent tanning of your skin so that the laser can detect the difference between the skin and the hair follicle. If your skin is tanned already, avoid going out in the sun at all. Remain indoors till the tan goes away. Use sunscreen whenever you're out in the sun or even when at home.


3.              Cleanse Your Skin Nicely

Before your first session, you will be required to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Stay away from any cosmetics such as creams, oils, lotions, and moisturizers.


4.              No Waxing, No Plucking

It is strictly advised not to use any such hair removal methods before going for a laser session. The root of the hair is what the laser is going to target. Therefore, you want to let it remain intact. The technician will ask you to shave the hairy areas and regions of your body with a razor. Do not use any plucking devices or wax strips for this purpose.


Now what? You are all prepped up for your laser hair treatment in Manhattan.











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