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How to Prepare for your Very First Skiing Holiday


If you are preparing for your very first skiing experience, you have definitely come to the right place, as this article contains essential information to enhance the experience and hopefully, you will save some money in the process.

Acquiring the Right Ski Wear

For a raw novice, there are a lot of things to get prior to departure (everything except the skis is recommended). One thing we don’t advise, is to wait until you arrive at the ski resort to buy your goggles and apres boots, as you will pay premium prices. The online supplier of ski wear has everything you need, including the following:

·         Ski boots

·         Ski gloves

·         Ski goggles

·         Ski hats

·         Polarised sunglasses

You will also need a pair of thermal pants and a warm jacket, while we also recommend wearing a helmet, at least until you are a competent skier. If you order everything from the online supplier, you are saving at least 15% on the RRP, as the online supplier has no retail outlet to pay for. They stock all the best brands at the lowest prices and you might as well save money on the wax that you will have to use and order it along with your ski wear.


Of course, skiing has a big element of risk attached to it and for a beginner, head and eye protection is vital. There are those who will smile as they don their beanie for a skiing session, but the risks are there all the same. You can purchase a good ski helmet from the online supplier and you would expect your skiing instructor to insist on wearing head protection, which makes perfect sense. If you are looking for alternative holidays, click here.

Choose a Novice-Friendly Venue

Some venues are designed for the beginner, while others favour the intermediate-advanced level, with difficult slopes that are no place for a raw novice. When you book online, it is important to book the rental of your skis and if you overlook this, you might be embarrassingly ski-less. Look for a resort that has a few nursery slopes, which are ideal for beginners and it might be a good ideal to book a few hours of lessons at the very outset, which should speed up the learning process.

Start Gym Workouts

About one month before hitting the slopes, you should start working out, with leg and upper body exercises and that will really help when you start to ski. Most people are surprised at how much effort is involved and starting a fitness program at least one month prior to your skiing holiday will certainly pay dividends.

Sun Protection

Snow and ice reflect sunlight, so do cover any exposed skin with UV screening sun protection and don’t forget polarised sunglasses for apres skiing and be careful of your cheeks around the eye area, as this part of your face will have constant exposure to the sun. Here is some information about Australian snowfields, which should help with resort choice.

Skiing is not that difficult to master and with the right preparation and attire, you will soon master the art and really enjoy the experience.




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