Monday, May 17, 2021

What you Need to Know About Heel Pain


When you think about a lifetime of body support, it is no wonder that our feet can develop issues. If the average weight for an adult is 62kg, that’s a lot to be supported by your two feet and if you weigh more, that’s even more pressure on your feet and ankles. One very important part of the foot is the heel, which takes almost all of your weight, and heel pain (plantar fasciitis) is common among adults.

What Causes Heel Pain?

There is a band of tissue that runs under your feet, namely the plantar fascia, which, when inflamed, can cause a sharp pain in the heel. The inflammation can be caused by sporting activity and the feet never really get a chance to rest, especially with active folk; some people suffer with heel pain for years, having been told by their doctor that it will go away eventually. In our opinion, this condition can be treated and with the best treatment for plantar fasciitis at Walk Without Pain, you can finally eliminate that sharp pain first thing in the morning, which turns into a dull ache later in the day.

How Can I Prevent Heel Pain?

It is impossible to guarantee the absence of heel pain, however, you should always wear correctly fitting shoes and if you play sports, make sure your footwear is up to the challenge. Most foot problems are due to poorly fitting footwear, or shoes without the right support and if you feel any pain or discomfort, search online for a local podiatrist, who can investigate and recommend treatment.

Special Natural Fibre

Mother Nature thinks of everything and our body has special material for the underside of the feet, called the plantar fascia, and this is not muscle or tendon, rather a hard type of gristle and it can become inflamed, which usually leads to heel pain. Some people experience heel pain when standing for long periods, while others feel a sharp pain first thing in the morning, which soon disappears. Some athletes experience heel pain after a strenuous session on their feet and without adequate recovery time, the condition will worsen.

Heel Pain Can Affect All Ages

Either due to poor foot support or overactivity, heel pain can strike anyone at any time and if you feel pain in your heels, search online for a podiatrist, who is a foot specialist and they can investigate and recommend treatment. Click here for a free blog giveaway, which is a great read!

What Should I do if I Suffer Heel Pain?

You could follow the old wives' tale and put up with it until it goes away, which could be years of pain and suffering, or you could make an appointment with a local podiatrist. Choosing the latter will likely result in effective treatment and here is some good advice from the Australian government regarding essential heel support, which is recommended reading for all who suffer this medical condition.

It is always best to seek expert help when you have foot issues and the podiatrist is the best professional to see if you ever experience pain in your heels.




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