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5 Great Vacation Ideas All the Family Can Enjoy

Planning a family vacation can either be challenging or fun; or perhaps both! Especially with young children, you have to consider everyone’s needs and the amount of energy levels they can keep up for certain durations at a time. It becomes less about where you as a parent would like to go, and more about how to encourage your children to experience new things, stay active and stay entertained.

Here are five ideas to get you on your way.

1.   Winter Sport Fun

Perhaps you’re looking for a different climate for your next getaway, or you’re eager to keep your children from overheating in the high summer temperatures: either way, a winter holiday is a wonderful opportunity for all the family. Taking in some winter sports, such as snowboarding or skiing, means you can try a new activity together as a family and will keep the children occupied and interested in learning a new skill. Not only that, but you can even train to become an instructor yourself with an official snowboard instructor course.
2.   Hit the Theme Parks

You may have already done Disney many times with your children, and perhaps they always beg you to return there. However, there are so many fantastic theme parks to choose from that you could make it a family mission to experience as many of them as possible. Research the theme parks you haven’t yet been to (or perhaps didn’t know existed) and choose as a family which new ones to aim for during your next vacation.

3.   Go on a Road Trip

If considering this one, you should opt for a comfortable motorhome which allows room for your children to roam and so that you aren’t compromising on utilities such as a bathroom and a kitchen. A road trip allows you the freedom of parking up in some breathtaking spots and having a family meal in front of the world’s best scenery. It also allows you to plan a great route in advance together as a family.

4.   Go on a Safari

If you and your children are animal lovers, then where better to experience them than up close and personal on an official safari tour? An authentic African safari is truly a once in a lifetime experience, and one your family isn’t likely to forget. You can research the best places for a safari and let your family return to nature and escape from the busyness of everyday life to witness incredible wildlife in its natural habitat.

5.   Spend Time at a Ranch

Staying at a ranch really does offer the best of everything in terms of a vacation. It offers the tranquility and natural environment you might seek from a break, but also offers the opportunity to partake in activities and stay active – not to mention being able to spend time with fantastic breeds of horses and let your children feel like cowboys for a little while. An authentic ranch experience could be the wholesome family trip you’re seeking.


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