Monday, March 1, 2021

The Top 5 Reasons Every Christian Should Visit Israel

Sometimes when we read the Bible, it's easy to forget that the places are real and historic. They might feel like distant places on another planet, and in some cases, they might not feel real at all.

But guess what—they're all real, and you can visit them!

All Christians should visit Israel at one point in their lives to feel closer to God and better understand the places that they read about. Your pilgrimage will be a life-changing experience that sticks with you forever.

But what makes a vacation in Israel so great?

Keep reading to learn about why you should choose to vacation in Israel as a Chrisitan. 

1. It Allows You to Connect More Deeply With Your Faith

The roots of Christianity have ancient origins, and many of those origins are in Israel. A trip there allows you to stand where the Israelites and Jesus Himself walked thousands of years ago.

Walking around the locations that are so important in Scripture is a great way to better connect with God and your religion. 

2. Israel Is the Birthplace of Jesus

When Christmas rolls around each year, Christians across the world think of Bethlehem, the tiny town where Jesus was born.

A trip to Israel allows you to not only imagine the town where Jesus came into the world but see it firsthand. 

3. It's Where He Died and Rose Again 

Of course, while Israel was His birthplace, it was also the place where Jesus died temporarily—only to rise again after three days.

According to the Gospel, the site of Calgary, or Golgotha, was where Jesus died. To stand at that spot and imagine our Savior carrying the weight of human sins on his shoulder is a humbling and awe-inspiring experience. 

4. You Get to See Many Biblical Sites

Besides seeing the birthplace and the death place of Jesus, a trip to Israel lets you see many other Biblical destinations as well.

From the Dead Sea to the Jordan River, seeing all of the Biblical sites with your own eyes is a must for any Chrisitan. 

5. You Can Understand What the Region Is Like Today

A lot has changed in the 2,000 years of Christian history, but the region of Israel continues to be a pivotal one on the world stage. A trip there lets you better understand what the Promised Land is like today.

While everyone should make a trip to Israel if they can, it's not the only way to learn about religion today. If you're interested in learning more about modern religion, check out Creative Community for Peace

Visit Israel and Connect With God 

While the pandemic may have put international travel on hold for the time being, it's never too early to start planning a trip to the top Christian destination in the world.

If you're a devout Christian, make sure that at some point in your life, you visit Israel to enjoy everything mentioned in this guide. 

Do you now understand why taking a Christian pilgrimage to Israel is a must for all Christians? If you do, before you go and start planning your trip, make sure to check out our other posts for more guides on religion and family. 



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