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Gear up with these fashion trends in 2021!


"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." —Miuccia Prada.


What is she trying to say through this quote? That our style speaks the volume. If we ask, what is fashion to you, what will you reply? Let us answer this for you. It is the way to express your personality. It has been an age-old part of our society and culture. It takes only 8-10 seconds to make a first impression on anyone. And clothing has a significant role to play in it. What we wear sends strong signals to the people around us that depict our self-image. Moreover, it also impacts the way we do our work.


Do you know what the studies say? Let me elaborate on some facts for you!


This industry has a market value of 406 billion dollars.


This market is expected to grow globally by 3.9% every year by 2025. Again, the US is the largest apparel market in the world.


This clearly shows that this industry has positive growth. Now "Dress the part" to know how fashion still holds importance!


Clothes choices are becoming more significant in current times as compared to the early civilizations. In earlier times, they had the primary purpose of keeping us warm and dry. But nowadays, what are heaters for? With technological development, clothes are now a symbol of the social marker. So can we deny its importance? Not at all!


Can we express our innermost feelings through clothes? Of course, we can! It helps in raising our mood through the comfort of what we are wearing.


Let me provide you with an example to make it more clear – Imagine that you are wearing your favorite dress. Walk a little. What did you notice? An extra pep in your walking style? Absolutely! Comfortable and the right kind of clothes gives you confidence. You automatically experience a bright smile on your face.


Your apparel also influences the way you think. Don't believe it? Then read what this study has proved. According to the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the candidates who wore doctor's coats had strong attention compared to the candidates wearing no coat.


Here is another one – Introverts find it really hard to convey their thoughts. What is the solution? Try a red outfit. You will feel strong and bold.


These are only two examples. There are many more.


"Oh! I don't pay heed to what the fashion is" – How many of you use this phrase? Many of us, right? But it is important. Dressing appropriately does matter. It affects your overall mood. Fashion can bring various people together. In this way, they can celebrate their individuality.


Moving on!


So what fashion trends are getting the roar this 2021? Let us take a sneak peak into this!


As 2021 has started, many of us have made our preferences in terms of clothes.


How many of us are seeing the dream of sprucing ourselves with the latest dresses? We are sure, most of you want to look their best this year. Don't worry it will not burn a hole in your pocket. You just have to carry yourself with full confidence!


Take a look at some of the budget-friendly fashion trends that you must not miss out on!


Bucket bags – Which bag you carry while going to your workplace? A handbag never goes out of style. It will hold your essential goods. Girls, do you like to buy it in black, grey or white color? Then go for some change. Turn the wheel and select something like blue or marigold. Have you heard that Sonia Rykiel quote – "With only one bag, you can change your outfit completely"?


So rock your look with a funky bag!


T-shirts – T-shirts will always be the trend of all time. A decent T-shirt works like magic. Embroidered logo T-shirts, simple landscape T-shirts, smiley face black T-shirts, or wandering bear T-shirts are some of the examples that you can wear and flaunt yourself. If you are a lover of it and collect every kind of T-shirt, you can also get limited edition clothing from many brands that provide your type of shirts. The T-shirts provide you super-comfort. The given quote has rightly proved this-


"Your best T-shirt should be like your bed; it just feels like you are home when you are in it." – Ashton Kutcher.


Sweatshirts or hoodies – Sweatshirts have seen a series of evolution in recent years. Women can wear a big, long oversized sweatshirt with no bottom at all. This will work as a dress. If you are not comfortable not wearing a bottom, then try wearing leggings or yoga pants. This will add flavor to your look. You are ready with a perfect look. But what about footwear? With a sweatshirt, try thigh-high boots. Lady, you can slay the day now!


Talking about men, you can match sweatshirts with slim-fit pants. Want more comfort while not compromising with style? Then pair it up with joggers. With these clothes, you will look like a cool man! So be a cool dude with these lit hoodies.


Wrapping up


Fashion is a way of life. It gives an extra edge to your personality. Moreover, it depicts your culture. So be a style hunter with these current trends. You will never know who is falling in love with your personality.


Be a stylish diva or a handsome hunk. Let some fashion come out from you as said by Ralph Lauren. According to him, it's not necessary that every accessory or clothing should have a label or a brand. Style it up with confidence. It is something that should come from within you.


Make the people fall head over heels with your dressing sense. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to flaunt yourself? If yes then go and run, rock and roll and dress up like a dope!












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