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The Best Personalized Gifts for Kids


A personalized gift is the best way to give your child something a little more special, something that you know they will truly appreciate. Whether you make it yourself or order it specially, a personalized gift shows just how much you care.


A Branded Backpack


Every parent knows that their kid’s backpack is one of their most-used possessions. Giving your child the gift of a personalized branded backpack is the best way to make this everyday essential a little more special. Not only is the personalized backpack a fun alternative to the standard model, it is also much easier to identify, making sure your child never comes home with another child’s school bag again.


DIY Tote Bag


If your child isn’t the backpack-type, then a DIY tote bag is another great option. A DIY tote bag is a fun and inexpensive present. Buy a plain canvas tote bag, you can choose any color you like, just make sure it is light enough to draw on. Then purchase a pack of multi-colored fabric pens. You can give this set to your child and then you can both personalize the bag together. Not only will your child end up with a unique gift but it also is a fun activity for you both to share. If you are feeling extra crafty you could always follow a sewing pattern and make the tote bag by hand.


Personalized Water Bottle


A reusable water bottle is a must these days, it is the best way to make sure your child is staying hydrated and is a much more environmentally friendly option than the one use plastic alternative. Personalizing your child’s water bottle is a great way to make this basic item a little more special. Personalizing a bottle will also help avoid any mix-ups or confusion. There are many ways you can personalize your child’s bottle, you could use a dedicated company, or find stickers with your child's initials on them. If you choose to personalize your child’s bottle using stickers make sure they are waterproof, or you could make the stickers yourself.


Personalize their Clothing


There are many different methods that you can employ to personalize your child’s clothing. You might order an item from a company that specializes in personalized clothing, or you could go a little more old-school. Sewing fun patches onto your children’s clothes is a great way to make any gift a little more entertaining. If you aren’t a natural seamstress then why not try iron-on patches, all you have to do is put the patch on the clothing where you want it to show, turn the fabric over, and quickly apply the iron. There are a whole variety of different patches on the market so it shouldn’t be hard to find your child’s favorite character, icon, or animal.


Personalized Growth Chart


This is the type of gift that your child will keep forever. A personalized growth chart is a much better way to measure your child’s height than writing it in pencil behind the bathroom door. Not only will a personalized growth chart look more beautiful, but it will also last forever, meaning you won’t have to give up those precious memories when you come to sell the house or repaint a wall.


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