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4 ways to ease everyday aches and pains (that don’t involve visiting the doctor)


We all have them. This little aches twinges and pains that happen every time we stand up, sit down, twist, turn, or do just about anything. Its all certainly very irritating but not really bad enough to go and see a doctor, or any other sort of medical professional.

So, what do you do? Obviously just putting up with itall is a simple solution, but youve probably tried that one for a while now and it hasnt worked out that great. Hopefully, sooner rather than later youll see there are a few quick and easy things you can do to relieve the discomfort and frustration.

These are by no means a complete list but do provide an excellent starting point.

#1 Get enough sleep

Adults need between 7-9 hours sleep a night and if youre not getting that, you are taking more out of your body than you are giving back, and those aches and pains are its way of telling you this. Try avoiding late nights out or even later nights in, and improve the quality of your sleep by spending less time staring at a screen before bedtime.

Improvements in sleeping habits have shown noticeable results very quickly and drastic improvements in the longer term.

#2 Are you drinking enough water?

Many of your pains, especially lower back pain can be eased by simply drinking more water. Around three-quarters of your joint cartilage is water, so it doesnt take any great stretches of imagination to see why dehydration is a problem.  In fact, dehydration can be the root cause of minor irritating headaches that make every day worse.

Unfortunately, the 8 cups of coffee we have at the office might not solve the problem so experts recommend that drinking around half a gallon of water a day (not all at once, though).

#3 Modern solutions

In recent years, more and more people have turned to CBD oil and its products for pain relief. The breaking down of misinformation regarding this popular solution has seen a surge in use and positive endorsements from grateful customers.

Despite this, there is still a large amount of gossip surrounding its use and whether its addictive or even illegal to use. You can find more information dispelling these and other myths at platinumcbduk.com.

#4 Your Body Temperature

Lower temperatures can make the fluids around your joints thicker, which in turn makes those joints stiffer. When you also add in the fact that we tend are less active when it is colder outside, this adds to the woes of those with stiff and painful joints all through the winter.

There is probably a reason then, why taking a nice warm bath is the answer to many problems involving sore and painful muscles and joints.

So there you have it, three very traditional solutions and one more modern one. Hopefully, by using one of them (or maybe a combination of all four) youll be able to find a way to ease those aches and pains. However, it must be stressed that if the pains worsen or persist, then it really is time to see a doctor.


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