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How to Plan the Perfect Child’s Birthday Party


When our children start school, it can seem like every other week brings another of their classmate’s birthday parties. Eventually, your child’s turn comes around and it is time to plan a party of your own. It can be tempting to go over the top to make sure that your child has the best possible time, but often there is no need to go to any great expense. The key is to plan well and ensure that you cover the important elements. If your child’s birthday is coming up and you are hoping to throw them a party, this guide will help you to kickstart your planning.

Have a budget from the beginning

To stop you from spending more than you can afford, you need to work out a budget and stick to it. Even the smallest of budgets can result in a great party if you are creative and shop around for the best deals.

Get your child involved in the planning

With your budget finalised, you know how much you can spend and can start to consider your options. It is good to get your child involved by asking them for suggestions, e.g. choosing a theme, their favourite party games and any foods they would like. They may also be able to help you when creating invitations.

Send out invitations in good time

To ensure that as many of your invitees can attend the party as possible, send invitations out in plenty of time, e.g. 3-4 weeks before the party. Give parents the option to RSVP by text or social media as this will increase the likelihood that you will get timely replies. Remember to ask for information on allergies or dietary requirements.

Make a catering plan

A common mistake made when planning children’s parties is providing too much food which goes to waste. Instead, opt for finger food which can be refrigerated again after the party or sent home with parents. Click here for children’s party food inspiration.

Choose a theme

The theme of the party will probably be suggested by your child, but you can give them some options to choose from if they struggle to settle on one idea. There are lots of ways to bring the theme together such as the cake, balloon colours, paper plates and cups, bunting and goodie bags.

Make or order the cake

When you have your guest list you will know how large or small the birthday cake needs to be. You could order from a professional, but to save money consider baking a cake and decorating it yourself. Sweet Tops make personalised cake toppers which will make even the most basic homemade cake look professional.

Think about entertainment

The type of entertainment that you plan will come down to your budget. Some people choose to hire a magician or children’s entertainer, or they hold the party at a cinema, bowling alley, or similar. Alternatively, a party at home or in a village hall can be just as fun with a few fun party games, scavenger hunt and some dancing.



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